Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dear So and So...

Special thanks to Yaya for introducing me to this neat little feature, sponsored by Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow.

I think I'm going to enjoy this little feature, as it will help me get some things off of my chest.

Dear So and So...

1. Dear Blogger,
You have annoyed me beaucoup lately. Nine times out of ten, when I attempt to open my blog, all I get is my header, April's button, and nothing else. No widgets, no posts, nothing. And five times out of ten, I get the old "operation aborted" message. I have read in various places around the blogosphere that good ol' Internet Explorer is the culprit for this, and that Firefox is better. But could you PLEASE tell me the truth as to why you have so many...well, faults? Fix 'em soon, or else I shall defect to Wordpress.

I miss reading my blog, Kitten

2. Dear employees of AC Moore's,
Get your inventories straight! When I ask three different employees about what they sell at the store, I would like to make damn sure that I get one answer--the SAME answer--from each one! Yesterday I went to buy a yarn winder for my sister. One employee said they carried them, another wasn't sure, and yet another said that they didn't! Time for more employee training!

Frustrated customer, Kitten

3. Dear Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield,
I understand why regular Albuterol (a rescue inhaler for asthmatics) was taken off the market, due to its CFCs. I understand why I now have a CFC-free inhaler, but dear God, why must you charge me $35 for it, when I used to get it for $5 as a generic?

Hopefully I won't be another statistic in the ongoing healthcare battle, Kitten

4. Dear Mother Nature,
The last time I checked the map, I lived in Connecticut. Why, oh why, have you decided to transplant me to Seattle? It has rained almost every single freaking day this month. This afternoon I saw a bright light and didn't know what it was at first...and then I suddenly remembered, "Ah, so this is what the sun looks like."

I'm too pale for this time of year, Kitten

5. Dear Hartford Courant,
One of the reasons why I don't subscribe to your esteemed publication is that I can read it online for free. Another reason is that your recently redesigned paper is just plain awful. Well, guess what? So is your newly designed website. That and the fact that I get more local news--that is, news about my town--from our unofficial town blog than your paper. Have you forgotten about our existence? After all, we're home to an esteemed, renowned university as well as one of the country's top diners!

Feeling just a tad invisible, Kitten

And finally...

6. Dear Maggie and Gabby,
You know better than to wake up Mama when she's on vacation. For God's sake, let me sleep! And let me adjust sleeping positions every once in a while, too!

Don't worry, I still love you both, Mama


Anonymous said...

Great letters! Yes, my dog fails to realize weekends vs week days when it's 5am.

Cammie said...

Happy Friday!!

blueviolet said...

My daughter told me her cat licks her eyelids to wake her up. That can't be fun.

Vickie said...

Blogger is irritating me as well. I get that operation aborted and also I get the my cookies or javascript is disabled. Dude, no it is not!!

I would download Firefox, but I have to share this computer. Don't think my Husband will be to happy.