Friday, September 10, 2010

My sleep study results are in...

...and I don't have sleep apnea! Woo-hoo! Excited!

However, it was determined that I have "disrupted sleep issues, and I could benefit from medication." I have a couple of friends who are on Ambien, and now they can't sleep without it. Literally. One tried to wean herself off, with her doctor's assistance, and just couldn't do it. She needed the drug in order to fall asleep.

So, I'm making some small changes. No caffeine after lunchtime. Meditating before sleep. Not falling asleep to the news, but with a good book. Nothing to eat after 8 PM. Only thinking positive thoughts as I drift to dreamland. Write down whatever's bothering me on a bad by my nightstand, so I don't process those things and wake up to nightmares.

So I'm relieved to be healthy...and not to have to go for a blasted sleep study again. I've had many bad nights of sleep, but that one was clearly the worst night of sleep I ever had!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

That's great news, Kitten! I wouldn't want to be stuck with a drug for the rest of my life, either. Now, happy thoughts at bedtime!

The Literary Lioness said...

From one cat to another, I recommend some milk not long before bed. You know how we cats like our milk! It makes you all ready for your catnaps.

The Literary Lioness

septembermom said...

That's terrific! I'm glad to hear that news.