Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fragments and Felines

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Stupid moment of the week: I was driving Tuesday afternoon when I pass a country store. In Connecticut towns, you find many of these. So there's this sign outside this one country store that reads:


I thought, "LOL Cheese! What the hell is LOL Cheese? Must be some kind of new brand."

I kept driving and passed another country store, and found this sign:


Another ad for LOL Cheese! I had never heard of LOL Cheese. Did the logo have some kind of emoticon on the package? Was there a picture of an eager kitty like the ones over at LOL Cats?

Then I passed a third country store. (Told ya we had a lot of country stores!) And there was THIS sign:


"Wow," I thought, "this LOL Cheese is really popular."

And that's when I realized...

LOL = Land O' Lakes

The cheese which the country stores were selling was not a cheese with a smiley face, but one with the same Indian that graces the packaging of the butter that Mama Cat buys at the grocery store.

If I wasn't driving, I would have banged my head against the steering wheel.

If you follow me on Facebook, or on Twitter, y'all know I have DVR now--as well as almost every movie channel known to man. I'm feeling overwhelmed at the channel selection I now have. I may DVR True Blood just to see what all the fuss is about. I've already got the season premiere of Mad Men scheduled. I never watched it before and I want to know why people are raving about it. I'll be writing a post in a few weeks about how my life has changed since the arrival of this appliance in my home. Cause I have a feeling I'll be watching more TV than ever, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Got an E-mail from Lyman Orchards saying that their first crop of apples is ready to be picked. I plan to head out in early September, especially since that's when the honeycrisps are ripe. Honeycrisps are my favorite apple. I will do almost anything for a honeycrisp. Seriously. If you haven't had them, you're missing out. They're that good.

My cats have dandruff. This is quite embarrassing. And gross. I'm grooming them tonight. I did some research online and learned that the best way to get rid of kitty dandruff is to bathe your cat. thanks. I have a friend who's bathed his cats since they were kittens, and they're quite used to the water. My girls are six and seven years old. I don't think they'll take to the water quite so easily.

Yesterday I took a spontaneous trip to the mall with a friend of mine. She always knows when the good sales and bargains are at Macy's; she's the best shopper I know. And thanks to her, I bought three new tops, a gorgeous wrap dress, and a ridiculously cute pair of Sketchers--all on clearance, and I got to use her 20% off coupon. Then we headed to the food court and splurged on Chinese for dinner. So much fun!

Today I start another housesitting gig. I'm watching over a golden retriever and a Bernese mountain dog. They really are good dogs. I'm looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I'm heading over to the Mystic Food and Wine Festival with some friends, followed by ladies night at a cafe with another group of friends.

And next week, Mama Cat and I are trying desperately to get together to see "Julie and Julia." And at some point I need to see "The Time Traveler's Wife." Imagine that--I haven't been to the movies in five and a half years and suddenly I want to go to the theater.

And before I leave you, here is the "Felines" portion of the post, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that cats love suitcases. I had unpacked from my conference last week, and Mags and Gabs decided they wanted to go on my next trip:

So things are looking up in my neck of the woods! I hope y'all are doing fabulous and that you have a fabtastic weekend!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Cats just love suitcases, don't they?

LOL Cheese - I will have to remember that! Too funny.

And we bathed Calvin & Hobbes fairly regularly, but Rocko & Spunky experienced it only once, when they first came in our house. Don't think I would attempt it on them now...

L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”

Anonymous said...

your cats are so cute! Mine had the "dandruff" problem when we first got her. We bathed her too, but it actually made it worse. We ended up getting anti-dander spray stuff and used it which helped. I also put omega fish oil on her food for awhile (I read that one online somewhere). Now she's a-ok. :-)
I need to get Mad Men from Netflix to see what it's all about!

Brandi said...

We don't have any form of cable so we have to search for everything online or through Netflix. It's kind of a pain, but it prevents us from watching too much TV. We do have a DVD player and way too many children's movies, though...

And, I love bargains at malls! Especially since I have to drive almost 3 hours to find a mall! It's nice when I'm there on Sale day!

I'm going to start drawing smiley faces all over my cheese wrappers now. Wouldn't that be cute?

Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

Grand Pooba said...

Haha! I thought the same thing, laugh out loud cheese!

I've gotta get me some!

Missy said...

I would have thought the same thing about LOL cheese...Haha!
My cats always get in my suitcases...I think that they think I won't know they're in there and end up going on my trip with me. :)
Have a great weekend!

♥georgie♥ said...

I didnt realize LOL made cheese...I LOVE cheese lol

OMGosh I just got caught up on true Blood...such a great show...
and I just watched the mad men marathon monday....I am soooo jealous i want a DVR or 2 or the process of finding a new cable company

Anonymous said...

I have 2 gray kitty sisters. They are comical and I wanted to give them a bath, I would be risking my skin and eyes and nose....

mub said...

We recently got our DVR and I loooove it. I think we actually spend less time watching TV now because we can just zip through the commercials.

Your kitties are beautiful. I have read somewhere that you can put fishoil on their food and that helps with the dandruff problem. My cats only get a bath when something disastrous happens because it is NOT safe (for my health haha) to do it on a regular basis.

drollgirl said...

well you are cracking me up today!!!

LOL cheese!! hell, i would have pulled over for that, too! but what a disappointment!

the first time i saw true blood i rolled my eyes and was irritated. but our place was being tented for termites, and we were in a flea bag hotel. so i have decided to give disc one, episode one a chance and see what all the fuss is about. if the first disc doesn't grab me, i'm out!

LOVE honeycrisps!!! they are so good. and pink lady's are very yummy too!

have a great weekend!!

p.s. working on the time traveler's wife. so far, so good! :)

Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

Oh my gosh, you HAVE to DVR True Blood. It rocks!!! I love the Twilights books and movies just fine, but I am in love with the Sookie Stackhouse series (inspired the show True Blood). Both the books and the show are awesome. They are full of sex and blood, though, so as long as you can stomach 'adult content', you'll love the show.

Happy FF! Mine is up too. :o)

Caution Flag said...

And here I was being jealous of how quickly someone could take a phrase fad and turn it into a profit. Such a let down to hear it was Land O'Lakes.

septembermom said...

LOL - that was funny. Love the kitty in the suitcase:) Enjoy your weekend!

Erica said...

That is hilarious! I live near a Land O' Lakes city, but I can still completely see thinking that!

I used to housesit/petsit before kids & hubby, I loved it!

Cute cats!

Martha in PA said...

LOL, great fragments. I'm seeing MY Keurig down in the You might also like pics, isn't it great. Housesitting sounds great we used a house sitter when we lived in FL!

My ATWT and Friday Fragments

Jodi said...

Awww the kitties are SO adorable. Harley loves suitcases too. He is also fond of dufflebags.

You sound SO good!! I'm so glad things are looking up for you!

Love impromptu trips to the mall. They are FUN!! Just found a new store to shop in. Do you have a Century 21 store near you? It is like a glorified Marshalls/TJ Maxx. I thought they were just realtors...LOL!

And I don't mean the cheese..Hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Don't your kitties miss you when you're gone? :(

I would have been the same way with the LOL cheese!

Fresh picked produce is the best.

I love a good bargain.

Have a fun girls' night out!

Mrs4444 said...

I've never heard of that kind of apple! My favorite are Granny Smith's WITH LOL cheddar cheese!

I love having friends who know how to shop--that's the best way to buy :)

Way to let the cats out of the bag!!

Jenners said...

Oh MY God! We love love love Honeycrisps! It is almost that time, isn't it? We just discovered them last year and fell in love!!!!

And I'm dying to see Time Traveller's Wife .. I heard it wasn't awful so I'm going to go. I was kind of waiting to hear cuz I was afraid!

And I would be the exact same way with the LOL cheese!