Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An afternoon rendez-vous at AAA

Last month I got a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles, aka the DMV, aka the Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland doesn't even come close to the wonder, beauty, and enjoyment that is this lovely state agency. The lines are just as long, and the employees are oh-so-friendly. And if you call them, they answer your call promptly--after twenty-plus minutes of hold time, three transfers to voice mail, and being put on hold a few times while the newbee searches endlessly for his supervisor.

Yeah, I frakkin' heart the DMV to pieces.

Fortunately, I don't have to go there anymore. Here in Connecticut, one can renew one's vehicle registration online, and get the registration sticker in the mail two days later. That's about as long as you wait for same sticker at a DMV branch, but at least you don't have to waste the gas to get there. And even better, with a AAA membership, one can go to AAA for license renewal.

Wait time at AAA? Ten minutes or less.

So my lovely letter from the CT-DMV said that my license was up for renewal on March 3rd--my birthday. I last had my license renewed in 2004, shortly after I returned home from a cruise. I went to AAA for that one, and I remember primping endlessly that day, fixing my hair and makeup just so, so I could get a halfway decent picture. I chose my outfit very carefully. When you have a picture taken that has to last you the next six years, you gotta look good.

Anyhoo, I went to AAA today to pick up the tickets for my upcoming cruise. I haven't told you kittens about that yet. My friend Chantal and I are leaving February 13th for a week-long southern Caribbean cruise. I can't frakkin' wait! But I digress...

So I went to AAA and checked in at the reception. In order for me to pick up the tickets, I had to hand the receptionist either my AAA card or my driver's license.

I handed her my driver's license, and told her I needed to have it renewed. I asked her when the best time was for me to come in.

She told me I could renew it on the spot.


I rapidly searched through my purse for my compact. I had to make sure I didn't look shiny. I powdered my nose, put on some lipstick, and thanked the Lord I was having a good hair day. I also thanked the Lord that I had my biannual dental checkup the day before; I felt good knowing my pearly whites were their whitest.

Soon enough, I found myself in front of the camera and smiled.

Less than five minutes later, I had my license.


Best frakkin' photo of me ever taken.

I wish I could post it online for all of you to see, but that would be illegal. But my point is this: Six years ago I agonized over my license photo, only to get a somewhat decent result. I hardly prepped for this one and my photo looks damn good.

And I'm really glad, because the next time it's up for renewal, I'll be forty.

Yep, the big four-oh.

I hope I look that good in six years...


Momma Hunt said...

Ahh the license photo. I was bummed because I had to renew mine a few months after my infant son was born. I was there with hardly any sleep, in clothes that may or may not have been stained, and I think it was a good week and I had washed my hair. Needless to say I am not a big fan of my license photo. Oh well only four more years of looking at it!

Jodi said...

In NJ, you can keep the same photo if you want. Isn't that cool? You still have to go in person to renew it though.