Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This afternoon I went to the clinic to find out what has been wrong with me. I've been battling a rawther nasty dry cough since the first week of the month, and recently, stuff has been settling in my chest. Today it got really bad at work. I had such a bad coughing attack that I had to use my rescue inhaler--and after holding my breath for about three seconds, the room started to spin, and I nearly passed out.

I went to the clinic and brought my Internet-capable cell phone, my iPod, and my book. I was fully prepared to spend the minimum two-hour wait that I usually have when I'm forced to go to the clinic.

(Now, I prefer to go to my regular physician, but the latest appointment I could get was 2:30 PM--too early for me to leave work).

So I get to the clinic, and I'm in and out in twenty minutes--a frakkin' record.

The doctor who saw me was also asthmatic, and had the same dry cough that I did. She listened to my lungs, and concluded that, while there was some wheezing going on, it wasn't severe enough to merit a Z-pack. In other words, no antibiotics for moi.

She told me to take Mucinex twice a day, as well as two tablespoons of Robitussin twice a day. Both of which I have in my medicine chest. However, she used the lengthy chemical, pharmaceutical, technical names, which I didn't understand at first. But now I do.

The Good Doc was impressed with my Peak Flow, especially considering that I had a tight chest at the time of the visit, and because I'm barely five feet tall.

She did, however, write me a prescription for Prednizone--just in case.

Here's hoping I don't get to the "just in case." Prednizone is an AWFUL drug. Yes, I know it works miracles for some people, but the side effects are terrible.

Sooo...I'm on a diet of over the counter meds, lots of tea, and rest. Oh...and I can't talk for 24 hours. That's not per doctor's orders; that's MY decision. By the end of the work day I barely had a voice. So I'm not going to talk--not even to my cats--until Friday morning.

Yes, I am taking a sick day tomorrow.

And this silent period is killing me already.

I can't wait to talk again.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

And I bet that despite your best efforts, you have spoken to your cats many times!

And visit my blog on Friday - I's passing on a special kitty award to you!

Celia said...

Feel better, lambchop. Now might be a good time to have some sorbet. Strictly for medicinal reasons, of course.

Momma Hunt said...

Thank god you can talk through a blog. I could never make it without talking!

Missy B. said...

Feel better soon, Kitten! Drink lots of warm liquids for your throat...besides helping, it will feel soothing to your throat....

Mammatalk said...

You poor thing?

You can't talk for 24 hours? Good thing you can blog.

Hope you feel better soon.

Jenners said...

I'm impressed with your Peak Flow too. : )

Hope you get better soon ... I think your self-enforced rest is a good idea.

blueviolet said...

But at least you can write!!!! I hope you feel better soon!