Thursday, January 21, 2010

Writers Workshop: Boredom Prevention 101 with Professor Kitten

Thanks to Mama Kat for the inspiration.

This week's prompt: "Write a list of 10 things that can be done to stave off boredom."

Here we go:

1. Sleep, glorious sleep
What better way to stave off boredom than to escape the world for a little while? And what better way to escape the world than a little catnap, which can turn into one long power snooze? None of us get enough sleep, so here's a perfect reason to do so.

2. Facebook
Yes, I know it's bad to be a slave to social media, but I understand why people are addicted to Facebook. It promotes voyeurism; it lets you be the nosy neighbor that you hated as a kid but love being as an adult. And let's not get started with all of those games and apps...and for some, groups...

3. iPod
Or whatever music provider you may have. The iPod's the best, though. Put it on shuffle, and you never know what tune is gonna come up. Granted, you have to have a good number of tunes in your library to make this option worthwhile. Papa Cat has only two CDs worth of music in his one gig iPod Shuffle, so this wouldn't work for him.

4. Starbucks
I'm talking about a trip to Starbucks, and not necessarily consuming the actual coffee. Park yourself in a corner, grab a book or the New York Times, or plug in your laptop and bum off the WiFi. The people watching opportunities at Starbucks are tremendous--especially if you manage to score an outside table.

5. Borders
See #4 for more info of what I'm talking about. That, and the thousands of books that are available for your perusal will surely peak your interest--that is, if you like books. If not, may I suggest Best Buy.

6. DVR
Boredom is the perfect time to catch up on all the backlogged shows that you haven't watched on the DVR. It's also the perfect time to watch those shows you refuse to erase.

7. Driving therapy
Get in the car, and go somewhere. Anywhere. Crank the radio up as loud as it can go and see where the music takes you. Of course, with the price of gas still going up, it looks like this may not be such a great alternative...

8. Retail therapy other than Borders
I don't go to the mall as much as I used to, but I can never resist a stop at the Clinique counter. Or Estee Lauder. Or Origins. Especially at free gift bonus time. ($50 minimum purchases be damned, though! I only take this into consideration when it's a DAMN good bonus.)

9. Magazines
I prefer People, US Weekly, and TV Guide to stave off boredom. Light, fluffy reads that won't tax my brain too much, but won't cause it to melt, either.

10. Baking
It can't be something fancy like souffle or cheesecake. Muffins and cookies work best for me--granted, I often eat the dough before they go in the oven.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

How about something to induce boredom? LOL Because I have no idea what it feels like anymore...

drollgirl said...

excellent list!

when i was a kid i drove my mom NUTS complaining how bored i was. she had lots of suggestions for me: go outside, read a book, run around the block, ride your bike, pick weeds, and on and on.

i think the dvr is the best invention for boredom. and books. and shopping. and blogging. blogging has saved me from 14 scrillion hugely boring days at work. yay.

Jenners said...

I agree with all of these (except the cosmetics shopping). You can NEVER EVER have enough sleep in my opinon!