Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My entertainment budget is blown for the next few months...

...but it's all for a good cause, kittens...for I purchased my ticket to see CAROL FRAKKIN' BURNETT TODAY!!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!

I invited BFF to come with me, but he has an early morning commitment the next day, which I completely understand. And I didn't know if she was going to sell out, so I called the theater and queried. There were plenty of tickets available.

I had never been to this particular venue, so I asked if I would still get a decent view of the stage (i.e., the performers don't look like ants) from the El Cheapo seats. The lady I spoke with said I could.

Meanwhile, Sister Kitten said she may be able to get tickets through her employees club. Orchestra seats for $68. While that was a nice option (and quite a deal), I went with the El Cheapo, upper mezzanine seats. Keep in mind, kittens, that I am paying for four concert tickets over a six-week period. In addition to Carol, I have friends who are singing in a choir, and their concert's May 1st. Plus, I'm seeing Conan and am paying for my ticket and Sister Kitten's. (This is my birthday gift to her).

So basically, my entertainment budget is blown for the next several months, but trust me. It. Is. All. Worth. It. Besides, during the summer months I attend the free outdoor concerts and live theatre events that are around the area. Plus, it never hurts to be a theatre usher. Getting to see plays for free is definitely one of the perks of the job. :)

I am certainly one lucky kitten indeed. I can't wait to share my adventures with you! :)


L. Diane Wolfe said...

You're gonna have to let us know about both events!!!

drollgirl said...

this is fantastic! you must be stoked!!! i want to go see ricky gervais. he is coming to town soon, and he is a hoot!

Jenners said...

We'll want a blow-by-blow and some fuzzy photos if possible!