Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Always, sometimes, never

Special thanks to my good pal Jenners for allowing me to steal this meme. Well, she didn't give me permission, but I'm going to do this anyway (and give credit where credit is due).

  • start my day with a large mug of coffee from the Keurig
  • wear a strand of pearls...they go with any outfit, even jeans
  • have my iPod and a book in my purse...portable entertainment wherever I go
  • wear my aquamarine birthstone ring on my right hand
  • listen to NPR on the way to work
  • visit the websites of the New York Times and CNN to get caught up on the news
  • have a square or two of dark chocolate every day
  • take my vitamins every morning
  • roll down the windows of my car and crank up the radio as loud as it will go whenever it's a nice day
  • am reluctant to get up in the morning--especially before sunrise
  • make an ass out of myself
  • look for the humor in everyday life
  • make the time to catch up on my DVR shows
  • let my nails grow past my fingertips
  • go to bed when I'm supposed to
  • eat my daily required fruit and vegetable servings
  • make exercise a part of my daily routine
  • prefer to stay home rather than go out with friends
  • feel that a totally lazy day (i.e., staying in my PJs and sitting on my ass) is totally necessary to my well-being
  • go a day without snuggling with my kitties
  • eat peas, Brussels sprouts, or beets
  • have consumed a Whopper or a Big Mac
  • met a potato product I didn't like
  • knew the way to San Jose
  • drink pulpy orange juice...OJ is not meant to be chewed
  • watch horror movies. Too scary.
  • have had such a difficult time thinking of things I never do!


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog and a great way to tell the world something about yourself. I also have to start my day with a large cip of coffee.

Stephen Tremp

drollgirl said...

you have never had a big mac?!?! WOW!

and oj with pulp is REVOLTING! it reminds me of little bits of sandpaper going down my throat. GROSS!

Grand Pooba said...

I love that you always look for the humor in life! But come on, you've got to look for the scary too, scary movies are my fav!

Jenners said...

Love it! And I'm trying to think if I've ever had a Big Mac or a Whopper. Surely you've had the Quarter Pounder with Cheese though????

And I love your dose of dark chocolate every day. Just like vitamins!