Monday, November 23, 2009

If there is one thing worse than teenage acne...'s adult acne.

Aside from the occasional zit or two, I've never had severe acne in my adult life.

Until now.

And I don't know why.

I checked all of my cosmetics, and they're all supposedly non-comedogenic. My diet's been OK; not great, but OK. I'm not taking any meds that would supposedly lead to breakouts. I've been using Proactiv, but not as much as I should.

And then--and I know I shouldn't do this--I squeeze. Yes, I know it's a rawther nasty habit that can only make breakouts worse. It's also a rawther difficult habit to break.

So here I am, my 33-year-old face looking like a pizza pie, and my regular mineral foundation isn't doing the job of covering up my zits. So I've had to go to a liquid foundation--one with "skin-clearing properties."

I'd just like to go to the grocery store without having to put a full face on.

Is that too much to ask?


Celia said...

Dude it is the worst. I have been broken out from baby hormones since July. I HAVE BACKNE. urgh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie, I wish you the best. I've had it all my life and I'm 42 and still popping zits. I will admit there aren't as many as before, but they are still there.

Vickie said...

I know!! I also have roscea.(SP) It is like the horrors never ends:p

Amber said...

I say wear a hoodie and sunglasses so no one recognizes you, LOL

Mammatalk said...

Acne is evil. I mean, what's the point? It just spreads misery to all. Blech!

Treat yourself to a facial. You deserve it.

RunninL8 said...

Hormones, hormones, hormones! Those lovely lil buggers! Drink LOTS of water-the uber-panacea. And if things don't clear up, cough, cough, consider The Pill. It get's those hormones back on track. Thank you. That is all.

drollgirl said...

sigh. i am 39 and still get some zits. totally bogus.

lots of water seems to help for some reason. and if my face is going bonkers, sometimes i sit in the sun for 15 minutes and hope the rays will burn off any problem areas! i seem to recall that swimming in chlorine would zap little problem areas fairly quickly too. but getting in a bathing suit is a whole other issue.

if you aren't opposed to going to a dermatologist, they have incredible products that work quickly. lord only knows what they do to your liver, but they sure make the face glow!

one other tip that works so well for me lately is a neutrogena product that has both acne fighting properties and retinol. i love it.

and sorry for the longest comment EVER, but thank you for your comment. i am trying not to fritz too much and hoping things will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear....

Book Lady said...

Sorry! I can relate! I'd been relatively zit free most of my life, I even survived High School with only a few here and there, but then when I had my son BOOM they oozed out of the woodwork to come say Hi! to my face! I still breakout to this day! :(

GinSpaghetti said...

I took accutane and am SO thankful for it! Some of my friends (who are PharmDs) said not to do it because it's such a powerful drug.... but it was the BEST thing EVER for me. I took it for 5 months (maybe 6) and was able to maintain a pretty low dosage the entire time. After those months, add 2 years and I STILL have clear skin. It was amazing. GREAT drug. Lots of side effects and monitoring, but worth it for me. That was after numerous creams and antibiotics. Good luck!

Momma Hunt said...

my favorite is when I got bad acne when I was pregnant. I never realized that you shouldn't use any product that stood a chance of clearing up the problem. Not only do you feel like garabage your face explodes too

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Kitten -
I am an aesthetician. I have cleared up so many peoples faces. Including my own and my husbands.
If you send me a note at my email address I will send you a document I used to give my clients.
Are you using any new hair products?
Have you tried using baby soap for washing your clothes?
Also spot treating is a good option... with benzoyl peroxide 10% clean and clear is really good.
layers of thought at gmail dot com

Marie said...

I'm so sorry. I had yucky acne right into my mid-20s and the only thing that solved it was medication. you probably have something different than I did, but I hope it clears up soon. At a certain point it's like, I'm too old for this! :-)