Saturday, April 10, 2010

Upcoming book reviews (!!!)

Yep, you've read that title right...I actually have some book reviews coming up soon! I finally managed, albeit slowly, to work out of the little rut I had gotten myself into. OK, it was a majorly huge rut. I hadn't really read or absorbed myself in a good read since...last July? September? Anyhoo, it's been at least six months since I finished a book cover to cover and felt completely satisfied and non-stressed. I'll be posting these reviews sometime within the next two weeks. I've got some time off coming up, which will give me an opportunity to write some posts.

But first, I am going away, once again. I'll be going on a quick trip to Niagara Falls this coming Monday, and will be returning home sometime Wednesday. I'll probably be posting sometime next Thursday or Friday; yo no se.

But I will give you a hint as to one of the books I'll be has something to do with one of the two red-headed comedians I'm going to see in the upcoming weeks...(look at the countdowns to the left of your screen to see whom I'm talking about)...;)

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