Thursday, April 8, 2010

Writers Workshop: Are you really afraid of THAT?!?!

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So here's the prompt I chose this week:

Where does that fear come from? Write about something that frightens you that other people might find ridiculous. Write about it in a poem, a story, or whatever.

When I was a kid, I absolutely adored The Muppet Show. I mean, seriously worshiped it. I had a metal Muppet Show lunchbox with matching Thermos. I had a poster of Miss Piggy in my bedroom, and my favorite sweatshirt when I was little was a Miss Piggy sweatshirt. The first movie I ever saw in the theater was The Muppet Movie. I was three years old when it came out.

But there was one thing that absolutely frightened, I mean, terrified me whenever I watched The Muppet Show. No, it was not Animal nor Sam the Eagle. It was the opening bumper, when the production company's logo came on before Kermit even introduced the guest star. It looked like the logo was about to zoom out from the TV screen and hit you. Not to mention, there was a really scary timpani-and-trumpet fanfare that accompanied it. The production company, in case you want to look it up on YouTube, was ITC. I accidentally watched a clip not long ago and it still scares the crap out of me. It came on TV one day and I very quickly turned it off. As a kid I would hide in the kitchen until the logo went off the screen and Kermit appeared again.

I didn't tell anyone about this fear. Not a soul. Obviously I'm telling all of you now, kittens, but up until about three or four years ago, I thought I was all alone. And then, one day, I was searching through Yahoo groups when I found one called "Scary Logos." And there, I found a group completely devoted to all of those scary, scary production logos of the 1970s--the Screen Gems "S from Hell", the Viacom "V of Doom," and the synthesized "WGBH" logo.

None of those logos ever scared me.

But that damn ITC one still does.

I still think it's an irrational fear...but it's one that I have.

P.S. Don't even think about sending me a YouTube clip with the ITC logo on it. Or rawther, ANYTHING with the ITC logo--pictures, screencaps, whatever. I will NOT find it funny. AT ALL.


septembermom said...

I'm glad that you got that fear off your chest :) I'm scared of vampires so you know I'm not a Twilight fan.

drollgirl said...

well, please don't be mad, but i am laughing at this post! and i can't wait to check out the scary logo group!

p.s. my sister works for henson. the muppets are long gone, but i still get a kick out of henson references. jim was sure a talent. sadly his kids are lacking in talent. and heart. and soul. :)