Friday, October 3, 2008

The Biden-Palin Debate

I'm embarrassed to say, I fell asleep during the proceedings.

But I will say this:

I'm in luuuuuurrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvve with Joe Biden. Or at least the way he looks when he grins.

When he smiles, he's just so damn cute!

But that's NOT the reason I'm voting for the Obama/Biden ticket, though. Just want to make that point clear.

Sarah Palin, at times, I wanted to scream at her, "Answer the stupid question!" (I used much stronger language, but this is a family-friendly blog). And I HATED the way she winked at the camera. That aw-shucks tone may work with some Americans, but it doesn't work with the Vice Presidency, people!

Can you imagine, if McCain were to die in office, and President Palin (Arrgh! Perish the thought!) were to deliver an address to the nation in such a manner? Would anyone take her seriously? Would world leaders take her seriously?

Would she convert the White House lawn into a hockey rink so all the hockey moms can watch their kids play?

I don't have much else to say about it, other than, I fell asleep. I'm still housesitting, and one of the dogs likes to wake me up during the night to play.

Don't get me wrong, I loves me my animals...but I am much more of a cat person, anyway.

Oh well, all the sound bites will be on YouTube and CNN later, anyway.

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