Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sick Bay Update

Jane's chicken soup did the trick! I'm feeling a LOT better, plus I am starting to sweat out whatever nasty toxins are in my body. I slept on and off on the couch for about three to four hours, and got up only 20 minutes ago. By then the soup had cooled completely and I was able to put it in containers and freeze most of it. I'll be eating a LOT of chicken soup within the next few days!

Right now the bones are in my pot, waiting in lots of water, to become stock. Surprisingly neither kitty begged for either bowl of soup I consumed this morning, nor are they pacing the kitchen for the smells of stock. Still, they cuddled up against me while I napped, and that furry medicine was excellent, too!

By the way, where did I finally end up getting the chicken? Stop and Shop sells whole organic chickens under their organic line, Nature's Promise. It was quite tasty, but very fatty. I'll be skimming off the layer of fat from each of my frozen containers soon.

Now to check on my stock, and heat up a nice cup of decaf tea. What flavor of tea shall I drink today, kittens? It has to be decaf, 'cuz I'm still sick. At least I'm not sniffling as much as I did this morning.

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