Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Quest for Dishwasher Detergent

And not just any dishwasher detergent, kittens! It has to be environmentally friendly and free of phosphates. (Say THAT five times fast!)

I am almost out of the Seventh Generation detergent that I bought a little while ago, and while it cleans dishes well, it's not as good as ol' reliable, but full o' phosphates, Cascade. It's also not very good at cleaning grease and oil off your dishes.

So I mosied my way over to Method's website, for the good people there sent me an E-mail not long ago about their new dishwasher tabs. I love Method. Their products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and affordable. I use all of their cleaning products, and I adore their hand soap, too. So much so that, when my mother found a ginormous refill bottle at Costco, she bought it for me.

According to the website, the dishwasher tabs cleaned as good or better than the leading brands--or so say the company tests. And the product is supposedly available at Stop and Shop and the A&P--the two local supermarkets in my town. (Yes, they are chains, and I would really prefer to shop the local businesses, but I have to go with what's open tomorrow, and It's Only Natural has limited Sunday hours).

So tomorrow, when I venture out of the house, I need to stop by one of those stores and pick up these dishwasher tabs. In the meantime, Kittens, do you have any recommendations?

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