Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

After much internal debate, I have decided to join the ranks of Friday cat bloggers, who follow the Friday Cat Blogging rule as if it were as necessary as brushing one's teeth upon awakening. I figured that y'all know about the "Book" part of my name, so I figured you needed to know about the "Kitten" portion of it. Y'see, I am the proud owner of two felines, whom I regard as my kids. I also enjoy looking at the photos at I Can Has Cheeseburger, my favorite site for cat craziness.

I won't cat blog every Friday, for I am enough of a crazy cat lady as it is. I'll only post when I have crazy/memorable cat pictures to share. And today, I've got a few.

First, meet Maggie, my oldest cat. She will be six next week.

This is one of Maggie's favorite places: sleeping in a cat crate. For this reason, she is unique among felines. She has always loved her crate, and will walk right in, willingly, when I set it up. This makes my sister mad, for her cats have to be shoved into their crates.

(NOTE: I do not keep the crates out all the time. I'm heading for Washington DC next week, and am using the crates to transport the cats to my parents' house, where they'll stay while I'm gone).

Here's another shot of Maggie, this time in her favorite spot in the house:

Now here's my other cat, Gabby, who is a year younger than Maggie, in her typical pose:

Gabby looooves to have her belly rubbed. She is the most trusting cat I've ever met. She loves everyone and anyone who comes to visit--family, friends, neighbors, the cable guy, etc.

And here's a picture of her up close:

So there you have it, my two babies, who will be making semi-regular visits to the blog. And they try to help out the posting, as you will see in the future--especially Maggie.

Now go visit I Can Has Cheeseburger for some more feline fun!

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johnieb said...

Here from Jane's. Miz Scarlett Tessayevna also likes to spend a moment every now and then in her carry case, which she picked up in Arizona.

I've never done Friday Cat blogging till today. We live in Hartford; don't worry: check the site.