Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Wind

I really should be in bed right now, dozing off to dreamland, but a passing thunderstorm is keeping me up. Yeah, I know I shouldn't be on the computer during a thunderstorm since, with my luck, lightning will strike my modem and fry it, forcing me to get a new one, but I'm taking my chances.

I love thunderstorms. I love the big gusts of wind that precede it, the heavy downpours that accompany the thunder, and the artistry of the lightning bolts streaking across the sky. One night my friend Brian and I went out for Chinese take out, and as we waited for our food, we watched lightning bolts from a passing storm. It was quite a sight to see.

It's supposed to rain all night. I hope that these storms bring down the temperature. We've had a 4-day heat wave here in the northeast. For the first time that I can recall, schools have dismissed early for the past two days because of the heat levels. (There are still many schools that do not have air conditioning).

I keep my air conditioning on during the day. With two cats and a lot of heat, I'm worried that they may get overheated, so I keep the A/C on low, and keep their water dish full.

Meanwhile, the wind is still gusting outside my office, but the thunder has disappeared, and I've not yet heard any rainfall. Where is the rain? (Oops, I spoke too soon...the storm's here! Gotta run before I lose another modem!)

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