Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Britain Rock Cats, June 25, 2008

Here are the pictures I promised of last night's Rock Cats game. Enjoy!

Welcome to New Britain Stadium, home of the New Britain Rock Cats!

This game is brought to you by New Britain's own Guida's Dairy!

Our seats were behind home plate, as you can see, and mine was perpendicular to it.

The national anthem, with the players and kids on the field. A really sweet sight to see.

The theme from Rocky played as the mascots, Rocky the Rock Cat and Blooper the Walrus, entered the stadium on a mini Dattco bus. (Dattco, one of the team's sponsors, has raffled off mini buses in games before).
Blooper greets his fans. Hartford readers, is Blooper the reincarnation of Wally the Walrus from the old WHCN? Did Wally find new employment, and a name change, after HCN became The River 105.9?

Race between second and third bases with a really little kid and three of the team's mascots. The kid is standing next to Rocky. The kid won the race.
Scooter race between third base and home.

Dunkin' Donuts, another team sponsor, held a race among a hot coffee, donut, and an iced latte. I think the latte won.
Rocky greets his fans. There are always long lines of autograph seekers. Sometimes Rocky sits with the fans.

Hydration Man, the Crystal Rock Rock Cats mascot, reminding fans to get a bottle of Crystal Rock water from concessions so they don't get thirsty.

Chicken Dance on top of the Rock Cats' dugout with one of the little league teams in attendance.

Oh yeah, and here are two shots of the actual game. The Rock Cats ended up losing to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, 3-1, with 5,422 fans present. And I'm sure many more will be present, for the Rock Cats, no matter what their record is, are adored. (Plus it's a great, cheap way to spend a summer evening!)


SarahB said...

Love it! I was raised on the Midland Cubs, the farm league for the Chicago Cubs, but then they sold out to the Angels. We still went but it wasn't quite the same as routing for the Cubbies. Now it's a Texas league and I don't know who they feed into. It's still fun though and my nephew and nieces are being being raised on it. I've been lucky enough to go to Yankees and Mets games, thankfully via vendors, etc. I dream of seeing a game at Wrigley Field though.

Kitten said...

I have always wanted to see a Yankees and a Mets game in person. Especially this year, since the Mets are leaving Shea at the end of the season. :( Sigh.