Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wide Awake

While attending a gathering at my best friend's place, around 11 PM I was fading really fast. I was afraid of falling asleep, so I asked my friend if there were any places in the area where I could grab a coffee on the way home. Instead, he offered to make a pot, an offer I gladly accepted.

I drank a cup of black coffee. I don't know what kind it was, but it was excellent. It was lighter than I am used to (I like STRONG coffee), but it did the trick and kept me awake as I drove home.

I got home an hour ago, and the coffee is still doing its job.

And I have to be at church for a 9:30 choir rehearsal.

I need to get some sleep, otherwise I'll be dragging at that 9:30 rehearsal.

Maybe I can take some Benadryl, but then I'll wake up groggy.

Or maybe I will just wait for sleep to come, even if it means waiting till 3 AM.

Either way, I'm gonna wake up tired and crabby in a few hours.

Well, it's 1:13 AM right now. I'll give myself till 1:30 and see what happens.

Good night, everybody!

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