Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Bookkitten's iPod Playlist, Week of May 11

My iPod selection changes depending on my mood. Here's a sample of my latest playlist, which I've been rocking out to at the gym:

1. "Rockstar", Hannah Montana
2. "Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)", Ashlee Simpson
3. "Adelaide's Lament," Carol Burnett
4. "The Banana Splits Theme (The Tra La La Song)" Ralph's World
5. "Bittersweet World," Ashlee Simpson
6. "Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?" Chicago
7. "Don't Sleep in the Subway," Petula Clark
8. "Gimme Little Sign", Brenton Wood
9. "A Good Love and a Bottle of Wine," Bill Anderson
10. "Happiness is a Thing Called Joe", Carol Burnett

And that's just half of my playlist. As you can see, I have eclectic--some may say, strange--tastes in music. Our choir director brought her iPod to rehearsal tonight so we could rehearse to some mp3s, since our accompanist was absent. I suggested she put it on shuffle; she laughed, and said that some would question her selection of tunes.

Maybe this should have been another post in the "Kitten Confessions" series...

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