Friday, May 23, 2008

Light, fluffy read FOUND!!!!!

I know I said that I'd post in a couple of days, but this was too exciting for me to keep from you. See, I finally found the light, fluffy read that I was looking for!!! It's called A Town Like Paris and it seems promising. Here's the back cover summary:

"At the age of twenty-eight, Bryce Corbett was stuck in a dead-end job in London, nursing a broken heart and hungry for some kind--any kind--of change. On a whim he applied for a job in Paris, and before he knew it, found himself with a job offer in hand on his way to the City of Light."

OK, I know, this sounds like a cliched chick lit novel right now, but this is a MEMOIR WRITTEN BY A GUY!! This is what impressed me most. I kept reading:

"So begins Corbett's love affair with Paris--home of l'amour and la vie boheme--and he determines to make the city his own, no matter how many bottles of Bordeaux it takes. He rents an apartment in the trendy neighborhood of Le Marais, happily settles into the French work/life balance (six weeks of paid vacation), braves the local gym (neon spandex mandatory), and fumbles his way through more than a few awkward lessons in French love. From the smoky cafes to the glittering nightlife, Corbett samples everything his newfound culture has to offer, appearing on a French television game show, hobnobbing with celebrities at Cannes, and attempting to parse the amusing nuances behind French politics and why French women really don't get fat. Still, he remains an ex-pat at heart--until he finds himself falling in love with a Paris showgirl, a beauty whose sequin-clad high-kicks are the toast of the Champs Elysees, proving that in a town like Paris, you never know what will happen next..."

I was so excited to start reading this book, I began reading it in the checkout line. Within the first four pages Corbett bragged about how he faked his CV and got an interview in Paris. This looked promising so far--not like your ordinary, cliche-ridden chick lit book where the gal gets a broken heart, moves to another city, and reinvents herself. I HATE CHICK LIT!! I will write a post on my hatred of chick lit one day--I'll post it under "Kitten Rants" or some other creative title.

Anyhoo, back to reading! More reports on this book coming soon!

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