Saturday, May 24, 2008

On the Radio

Last week I wrote about my love for radio. Here are a few more great radio stations I have loved throughout my life (and I can now listen to whenever I want, thanks to internet webstreams!)

WCBS 880 AM: The way news radio was, is now, and ever shall be. I listen to this on the drive to work whenever I can get a descent signal (which, in my area of Connecticut, is not always easy). This is the station I listen to at work; news radio keeps me productive and informed.

WCBS 101.1 FM: I am soooooo glad this is back. I used to listen to this station whenever I drove down to Long Island to visit an old friend from college. This is the only station we listened to whenever we drove around the Island. Every time I listen to this station, I can't help but remember my dear, long lost friend.

WALK 97.5: This was one of the stations I constantly listened to in college, and still listen to today when I'm driving.

WEBE 108: One of my other favorite radio stations from college.

STAR 99.9: Yet another great station from my college days...

Country 92.5: The only country music station in Connecticut. I can only imagine the revolt that may occur if this station changes formats someday...

Kittens, what are your favorite radio stations?

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