Thursday, July 17, 2008


I realize that there has been a dearth of book posting lately, and I am embarrassed because I started this blog to review all the books I read. Well, I have barely read a book since my trip to Washington DC two--almost THREE!--weeks ago, and I am not sure what I should read next. That, and for someone like me, who is obsessed with books (my dad says I never met a bookstore I didn't like), this is a catastrophe.

Anyhoo, I'm hosting book club next month, and we're each reading a book of our own to report to the group, since we couldn't decide what to read. Two of the ladies are reading these deep, intellectual books, and that led me to change my original choice--I was going to re-read Anne of Green Gables, in honor of the 100th anniversary celebration. I'm not sure if the ladies in book club would laugh or praise my choice. Arrgh, I'm giving into peer pressure and self esteem issues here!!!!

Maybe it's best to read Anne of Green Gables in a group setting to discuss it. So I guess I'll pass up on that.

*SIGH*...back to the bookshelf we go...

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