Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yesterday at the doctor's office...

...I was reading an issue of Redbook while waiting for the good doc when I came across an article on this new children's book:

This book, written by a plastic surgeon, is designed to help mothers explain their plastic surgery choices to their children. It gives moms guidance as to why their tummies are flatter and why their busts are...well, perkier.

The author, Dr. Michael Saltzhauer, says that there was a market for this book, as more and more women are getting "mommy makeovers." (Hell, there was even a "Mommy Makeover" segment on the 10:00 hour of Today yesterday).

My immediate reaction to this was, "Are you kidding me?!?!" There are plenty of parenting advice books out there dealing with all sorts of issues, but is a book like this really necessary? I don't think that a book like this is sending the right kind of message.

For example, look at the cover. "Mommy" has a nice, perky bust and a flat tummy, and a slim figure. She's got pixie dust swirling all around her. The kid is ecstatic to see her. Was the kid just as ecstatic to see Mommy with saggy boobs and a paunchy belly? This is clearly sending the message that external beauty is what matters in society.

And I'm not alone; there are many critics who are questioning the values of this book. This article from is a brief summary of the book, with an interview with the author, as well as critiques from a feminist and another plastic surgeon. If you'd like other info on this book, just Google "My Beautiful Mommy book" and see what you come up with. I'm surprised I haven't seen it on TV yet.

As for the Redbook article, I didn't get to finish it. That's when the doctor decided to see me.

Every time I get into interesting reads at the doctor's office, I'm always called in.

Maybe I should start reading the phone book when I go to the doctor's.

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