Friday, July 25, 2008

Rain, Rain, Gone Away

...and the humidity has disappeared too. Thank heavens for that! Last night was the first time in almost two weeks that I didn't sleep with either a fan or the A/C on. It was nice, dry, and comfy. I slept very, very well, needless to say.

And now today is the best sunny day all week, with the clearest blue sky and nice warm 80 degree temps. And I'm spending most of it indoors...:P

Today I have to go to Borders to pick up a book that a friend of mine recommended to me, plus I have to pick up a gift card for my dad. Yesterday was his birthday. When I get home, I have to prepare a batch of macaroni salad for a retirement party I'm attending later. Fortunately, this party is at a house with a big backyard, so at least I'll be spending a little bit of time outdoors.

But enough talking. Time to get my day started! I slept in really late this morning (I won't tell you how late, but it was the latest I've slept all year), and have been really slow about starting my day. So away I go!

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