Friday, July 11, 2008

SkyMall fun!

Today, while at the beach, one of my friends and I discussed the pure entertainment pleasure that is SkyMall, the airline catalog full of items that you can't imagine that people would buy, no less invent. I do not know a single person who has ordered anything from SkyMall, or rather, would admit to ordering anything from SkyMall.

Anyhoo, I was at a dearth of reading material on my flight home from DC. I was too tired to start a new book, had read my magazines to death, and was sick of doing crossword puzzles. (You know it's been a long day at the airport when I'm sick of doing crossword puzzles). Fortunately, the latest SkyMall was in the pocket in front of me. I opened it up and started to peruse through it--and soon found myself laughing.

Take this first item, the Dough-Nu-Matic. For just $130, it "forms, fries, and drains delectable mini donuts in just 50 seconds!"
Hang on, kids, it gets better. For under $200, you can purchase a machine that makes margaritas--and only margaritas. Whatever happened to all purpose machines?

SkyMall seems to be the largest carrier of Hammacher Schlemmer products in the world. Here is one of them, the travel toothbrush sanitizer.

Finally, here is my favorite category of SkyMall products: the one devoted to pets. Here's one of my favorites, a cabinet that you can use to discreetly disguise your cat's litter box:

And here's another one, which is so much funnier: a litter box disguised as a plant.

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