Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello, Kittens...

I haven't blogged since my Thursday Thunks...unless you also count my Book Giveaway Carnival update that I did before this one...but I have been a busy busy Bookkitten!

Last night I indulged in one of my other great loves...scrapbooking. I went with four other girlfriends. We spent a lot of quality girl time together, and had a lot of sorely-needed laughs. It was a great night...we spent more time laughing than scrapping...which often makes the best memories. :)

I was up till 2 AM, getting my house together for Mama Cat's visit. For those readers who are living in their own places, and have any relatives come over (especially parents and/or in-laws, if you've got 'em), do you feel more pressure getting your house clean for them than you do for friends? I mean, no matter how clean and sterile I get my condo, Mama Cat will find something out of place or with a speck of dust on it. So I tidied up till 2 AM, then woke up at 6 to continue the job.

The purpose for Mama Cat's visit?

She helped me clean closets today.

Oh, the irony...

But at least I have a clean condo...and clean, organized kitchen and linen closets.

After we cleaned we went to the diner for lunch, then I took Mama Cat to our new Aldi. I told her a lot about what Aldi was like, and she was curious about the really cheap prices. She was really impressed.

Funny little story about the Aldi experience...I took a quarter out of my wallet, and explained to Mama Cat that you had to make a quarter deposit in order to get a cart. One woman saw us coming into the store, and she gave us her cart, quarter and all.

"Don't you want your quarter back?" Mama Cat asked.

"No," said the woman, "someone else gave it to me with the quarter already in the slot."

We thanked the woman for the cart and entered the store.

When we left, Mama Cat found another person looking for a cart, and she gave our cart to them. She told me that she felt bad stealing someone else's quarter. (The quarter is stuck in the slot till you return the cart to its station).

So I've been home since, numbering entries for the Book Giveaway Carnival, and really, really needing to take a nap. I'm bummed that Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow. Out of all the times to lose an hour's sleep, why'd it have to be this weekend?!?! WHY?!?!?

OK...even though it's 5:16 PM, it's still naptime.

Off to the couch I go...see you later, Kittens!


Anonymous said...

Yes I clean before family comes too. Especially my in laws.

Hope you had some happy closet cleaning!

That.Girl said...

I know how you feel. My in-laws are coming in two weeks, and I'm feverishly trying to clean my house up, which is pretty pointless with two little kids running around. But, yes, my mother in law, and sister in law always find something that isn't cleaned enough... It's embarassing, really...

Jodi said...

I'm like you too....when my friends are over it doesn't matter as much to me how clean our apartment is as when my sisters come over. I always make sure I clean up more for them.

I've done the same thing with the quarter in the slot.

Jenners said...

I always clean before family comes -- especially my mom. In fact, the house never looks better or more presentable than when we are having company.

I prescribe a nice long nap and an early bedtime for you.

Vickie said...

I may pick up for my Mom but for my MIL I try to clean the house. She is a neat freak and I swear she silently complains about my house. Surprise visits embarrass my Hubby. Oh well.

Mel said...

I do the same thing with the cleaning. And, it's really silly because no matter who it is coming to visit me, as spic and span as everything is when they get there, within 30 minutes, there are clothes and toys and books and all kinds of stuff all over the place. I just sit back and think, "Why did I bother?" Only to do it the exact same way for the next visitor!