Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thunks: March 19, 2009

Welcome to another edition of Thursday Thunks--the first sign that the weekend's almost here!

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1. The last flight of stairs you walked up/down - were they carpeted?
Yes, they were! I walked up the stairs from my foyer up to my living room. They have a beige carpet, just like the rest of the house.

2. Green or purple grapes?
I like eating purple grapes better, but I prefer drinking white grape juice,which is made from green grapes.

3. Do you like Peeps?
I don't like consuming Peeps. They're too sweet. Throw 'em in the microwave, however, and you've got a totally different ball game.

4. The smell of Vicks - like it?
It's not so bad in minute doses. I wouldn't want to smell it all day, though; reminds me too much of a doctor's office, hospital, or just being sick in general.

5. Do you put decorative cling-ons on your windows for different holidays?
I tried to do this once, but I didn't really like it. I only decorate for Christmas. I've never really liked decorating for other holidays; as a child I absolutely loathed pumpkin carving at Halloween.
6. Finish the sentence - I spent too much money on ________.
Books and makeup. Books are obvious; after all, I am the Bookkitten. However, get me in a Sephora and I will literally go insane. I freakin' love that store. Or rather, get me in any makeup section of any store and I will go insane. Hmmm...sounds like a Kitten Confession post is coming...

7. Which celebrity should be flown into outer space or placed on a desert island?
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes should just leave the planet. Right away. I think I hear the announcement for their flight, now boarding for Saturn at gate 22.

8. Would you support schools changing the "open" time? Such as 10am - 5pm, for example?
Kids and adults alike benefit from more sleep. I'm not sure about the 10am - 5pm time, but I'm more at ease with 9am to 4pm.

9. Do you go fishing?
I used to fish when I was a kid. My grandparents used to have a cottage in the Adirondacks, on the banks of the Hudson River. They had a little pontoon dock, and I used to go out on the dock in my little Snoopy life jacket, carrying my little Snoopy fishing pole. My grandfather would put the bobber on the line for me, and I'd go out there and fish. I was always disappointed that I never caught a fish on that dock.
Several years ago, I learned why: Grandpa never put any bait on the line. I can't believe I was fooled like that. (Then again, he always distracted me when he hooked the line for me, so I never saw the deception).

10. What question should we ask next week?
Oh, I don't know...Elvis vs. Beatles? Beatles vs. Rolling Stones? Rolling Stones vs. the Doors?


Amber said...

Oooh, a Kitten Confession, sounds juicy, LOL
I once went fishing with my grandpa and another family member, I used to love hunting down good finishing sticks in the woods, and when I found one they would tie a bit of fishing line to it. One time I stepped away from my pole, and when I came back a fish was tied to the end of my line. I was very proud of myself. Later I found out it was other family member who caught the small fish and tied it to my line.
That peeps video sure makes me glad I don't eat them!

Vickie said...

I am not a huge fan of Peeps, but I felt bad for the little fella.

Fishing, ewe.

I spend to much on makeup, moisurizer, and magazines.