Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekly Geeks Quote a Day: A rivalry among authors

I used to collect quotes in college, and by the time I graduated, I had three journals full of quotes. I have been leafing through them in order to find some good quotes to post here for the Weekly Geeks meme, and found this series of gems. Read all of the quotes, including the names of the quoters, in order to appreciate the full humor.

"He was a wise man who invented God." --Plato

"Plato was a bore." --Nietzsche

"Nietzsche was stupid and abnormal." --Leo Tolstoy

"I'm not going to climb into the ring with Tolstoy." --Ernest Hemingway

"Hemingway was a jerk." --Harold Robbins

Kittens, what would be an appropriate quote to continue this series? Comment away!


drollgirl said...

bah! these are a scream! rivalry and disparagement amongst the schmarties!!!!

CDB said...

"Robbins said in Ernest that he felt Leo Tolstoy really never admired Plato and Nietzsche as he should."

- Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck. I googled and got nothing!

Anonymous said...

I have only 2 quotes that I can ever remember. I stink at getting things like that to stick in my brain.

Kitten said...

Drollgirl: I love when the schmarties go at each other's throats.

CDB: That. was. awesome.

Yaya: Thanks for trying!

Blueviolet: I love quotes. I'm kinda obsessed with them, actually.

Improbable Joe said...

"Who is Harold Robbins? I've heard of everyone else. Maybe he should STFU about Hemingway?" --Me

Mel said...

I love the flow of those! Very clever!