Friday, March 13, 2009

Virtual VGNO: St. Patty's Day Edition

Top of the evenin' to ya, Kittens!

It's Friday night, and time for the Virtual Girls Night Out, hosted by the lovely Miss Ann.

I'm a little late to the party, as I had an unplanned GNO with some girlfriends from work and got home about half an hour ago. I am tired and won't stay too long, but I wanted to pop in and say hello.

Anyhoo, tonight's party game, in honor of Saint Patty's Day, is called "The Shamrock 3." This is a great game for me, Kittens, as you know how much I adore the number three. So here we go:

Name three places you'd rather be right now:
1. A field of sunflowers in Tuscany
2. A ginormous hot bubble bath
3. On a bateau mouche in the river Seine in Paris

Name three things you will NEVER drink again:
1. Vodka, either straight up or mixed with something else. Grandma Cat used to drink it straight up, on the rocks, in a water glass. When I was six years old I came in from the yard, saw the glass, and thought it was water. Haven't gone near the stuff since.
2. Mountain Dew. I seriously don't understand why people adore this stuff. It looks like urine. I've never tasted urine, but I imagine that this is what it would taste like.
3. Pulpy orange juice. Seriously, orange juice is not meant to be chewed.

People you would like to pinch (for not wearing green, of course!)
This is an easy list, because I talk about these men all the time:
1. Hugh Jackman
2. George Clooney
3. Brian Williams (seriously, I've never seen the man wear a green tie on Nightly News)

Finally, to get you in the St. Patty's Day mood, here's the best St. Patty's Day clip with the best Irish singers ever. Enjoy!


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Thanks for the Patty's Day clip. Gave me the giggles...

Happy VGNO. Thanks for stopping by!

Ali said...

ahahaha! Hubby and I love the Muppets! I will have to show him that! Happy VGNO =)

Jen said...

Oh, I hate pulpy orange juice! I agree with you. Juice should not require a strainer.

Love the video. Happy VGNO!

Ali said...

Aww thanks! Yeah, I used to love Bailey's but had an incident and just...can't hardly...think about it anymore!! =( o well, maybe someday I will try it again...maybe lol

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Sorry I forgot to mention Hugh Jackman on my post...I added him in your honor! ;)

Thanks for the LOL video - loved it!!

Happy VGNO! :)

Jenn@mylifewiththecrazies said...

Happy GNO! Stopping over from Ann's! Have a great night!

Robin said...

I loved that muppets clip! So funny. It's great how so much of the humor really appeals to adults.
Oh, and with you on the orange juice issue. Pulp is just gross.
Happy GNO!!!!

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Holly said...

The muppets were fantastic. Hope you had a fantastic GNO!

Anonymous said...

You SERIOUSLY have a thing for Brian Williams, don't you?

Vickie said...

I like Paris, but I am not sure what is a bateau moude.

I love pulpy oj! Yum, Yum, Yum

Now I am going to be signing Danny Boy.

Mel said...

I think you should combine your people with your places and it would be even better: A field of sunflowers in Tuscany with Hugh Jackman. A ginormous hot bubble bath with George Clooney. On a bateau mouche in the river Seine in Paris with Brian Williams.

See how much better that is now?