Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Luck be a lady tonight!

Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes! You made me feel so special!! :) :)

Anyway, here's how I decided to celebrate today. A colleague of mine suggested I play the lottery. I never do this unless Powerball's worth $300 million or thereabouts, but I decided, with the mathematical significance of my birthday, why the heck not?

Sooo...I went to Sunoco today and played three lottery games:
  • First I played a scratch game called "Beginners Luck." I bought three tickets. The object of the game was to match three identical dollar amounts. If you did, you won that prize. I came up short in each of them. For one I had two $3,000 amounts! Alas, no 3rd amount. :(
  • Then I bought a Play 3 ticket. You play 3 numbers, any one you want. My choice? 3-3-3. (Should've gone with 3-3-9. I'm out later tonight, I may just do that).
  • Finally, I bought a Powerball ticket and chose six numbers that were all multiples of three. The drawing's tomorrow night; wish me luck!

I'll let you know how I do!


Anonymous said...

I hope you hit big! I've got my fingers crossed for ya!

Anonymous said...

Hope you win!
3 is my favorite number!

GinSpaghetti said...


drollgirl said...

i hope your birthday was absolutely fabulous! and winning the lottery would be a hell of a gift!

pam said...

Good luck.

Janna Bee said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday!

Serena said...

good luck!

Jodi said...

I hope you truly had a beautiful birthday!

Mel said...

Happy (late) Birthday!! I wrote a post-it note on Monday and stuck it to my computer at work that said, "BK's birthday", so that I would remember it on Tuesday. I looked at it all day, but I was so busy Tuesday (15 hours in that chair - ugh!) I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Obviously, I'm going for quantity over quality since I missed it. ;)