Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The songs in my head

Lately I've been rotating a lot of Springsteen on my iPod. One song that's been figuring heavily into the playlist is "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out":

Then there's "Glory Days":

And then there's my all-time favorite, "Hungry Heart":

And that's just a few of the songs from The Boss on my playlist. There are many more, far more to mention in this small space.

I've also had Lily Allen on the rotation. She's a singer from Britain who made her American debut on Saturday Night Live two years ago, when Drew Barrymore hosted. I really love her because she incorporates really cheerful melodies with some dark, bitter lyrics. And her delivery is so perky, it only adds to the irony of the text.

Here's one of her newest tunes, which she wrote about our 43rd President. It is a rawther catchy tune, in spite of its very free usage of the F-word:

And finally, there's "Poker Face", that Lady GaGa concoction that none of us can get away from:

So kittens, let me ask you: What songs are currently in your heads?


Aileigh said...

Believe it or not... The Happy Working Song from the movie Enchanted! My son has asked to watch it over and over and over and over again... Ahhh the joys of parenthood! :) If you haven't been to my blog in a few days, you need to check it out! My letter to Olay will have you rolling! Have a good day!

Missy said...

Well, now you have Bruce Springsteen running through MY head! :)

~The River
~Born In The USA
~Tunnel Of Love
~One Step Up Two Steps Back

Happy Wednesday to you!

septembermom said...

Love The Boss! He'll always be cool. I'm a big Dave Matthews' fan so I always have his songs in my head. I also like Norah Jones.

drollgirl said...

my favorite bruce songs would have to be pink cadillac and i'm on fire (i think that is the name).

and i like lily allen, too.