Saturday, May 16, 2009

What got me through the week

As you know, I've been feeling overwhelmed lately. Fortunately I've got some techniques that have helped me de-stress, if not, completely unwind. Here is a list of those things:

1. My therapist, Gigi

Obviously Gigi is not her real name. I once told her I had a blog, but didn't tell her my address or pseudonym. But I give every other human in this blog a nickname, so Gigi needed one as well. She is amazing. I've been seeing her for a year and a half now, and she has helped me turn my life around. I used to see her weekly, now I see her every other week. I really look forward to those visits. She helpes keep me sane, as well as keep my life in perspective. I've gotten more out of my visits with Gigi than any other therapist I've ever seen.

2. My aromatheraputic heat wrap

I picked it up at a tag sale two weeks ago. It's covered in mint green terrycloth, is filled with some kind of bead, and smells like lavendar and chamomile. You nuke it in the microwave at 30 second intervals for no more than two minutes, then put it around your neck and breathe in the wonderful scents. Yummy. They make me very sleepy, which is why I use it at night right before bed.

3. Evening primrose oil

Kittens, this stuff is amazing. I first learned about it through Maegan's blog. She described its affects as being similar to a Xanax. Well, this piqued my interest.

I did a little bit of research and it confirmed that it can help women alleviate symptoms of depression and PMDD. I've been taking it, and it has helped me tremendously. That little green bottle of caplets never leaves my purse. I take it three times a day, per the bottle's directions.

4. Vitamin D

I've said it before, I'll say it again: this stuff is amazing. Once I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency, and had to start taking supplements, I was a changed person. I still had dark days when the depression was bad, but vitamin D lifted my mood. That, and the fact that the sun has been blazing in all its glory lately, has helped my mood so much.

5. Mundane household chores

Whoever thought that cleaning could be so relaxing? I'm not a huge fan of housecleaning, but when I wash some dishes here, pick up some stuff there, I feel like I'm in control of at least one aspect of my life. Cleaning gets my mind off of other things. Plus, the kitchen looks ah-mazin'.

6. Sleep, glorious sleep

Lately things have been so hectic, I've been in bed at 9:30, and asleep within five minutes. There have been a couple of nights where I've fallen asleep later, but for the most part, I crash as soon as my head hits the pillow. And once I'm in dreamland, ain't no wakin' me up. Do, and expect tres severe consequences.

7. Alone time--precious alone time

I'm the type of person who needs to build solitude during the course of my day. It really helps me recharge my batteries for whatever the next day will bring. This weekend a few friends invited me to go out, but I rejected their invitations. I need a break. For the next 48 hours I hope not to leave my house--or leave only if it's absolutely necessary, like making a trip to the liquor store to get that bottle of red wine, so I can savor that glass that I've been craving all week long.

So that's what's been getting me through the week. Kittens, what helps YOU get you through YOUR week?


Anonymous said...

I've been in therapy for 9 years and I'll never quit. I love it. it's so worth the money.

Speaking of sleep...I'm gonna go take a nap!

drollgirl said...

it is funny, i was asking maegan what the name of that product was just yesterday as i sat bawling and bawling in front of my computer. i'm feeling fine now, but i am still going to pick some up. little tricks like this make life easier, and i am going to get some today.

enjoy your wine and your weekend!

oh! and thank you so much for the recipe tip! i am getting all sorts of great tips from fab bloggers like you. thank you!

That.Girl said...

OOO! I'll have to try some of that Evening Primrose. :)

Improbable Joe said...

There's beer, and violent video games. I don't need much more than that.

Mimi Lenox said...

The heat wrap aroma therapy sounds amazing. I suffer with insomnia. I will definitely try this. Thank you and feel better!