Monday, May 31, 2010

The Queen's Meme: The Last Time Meme

rolled your eyes

When was the last time you...

Tied your shoe?
About two months ago, when I tied my sneakers. I typically put my shoes on without tying them; I prefer slipping them on as opposed to tying and re-tying laces.

reorganized your bedroom?
Seven years ago, when I first moved into the condo.

Took a walk in the park?
Yesterday, actually, when I visited the Boston Common and the Public Garden.

Chewed gum?
About a month ago, I think. I have TMJ, so I don't chew gum all that often.

drew a stick person?
Last week.

activated something?
I don't remember; haven't used the old Wondertwin powers in awhile, sorry!

***Little aside here, kittens: ever notice that the guy Wondertwin ALWAYS turns into water?***

Took a photograph?
Today, as a matter of fact; a good friend of mine got married!!!

Drank a milkshake?
Yesterday, at the Lily Pad Cafe next to the Frog Pond on the Boston Common.

ate orange jello?
Ahhh, NEVER!!!! Not a fan of Jell-O. When I was a kid Mama Cat and I both had pneumonia at the same time, and Papa Cat made us lime Jell-O. Haven't been near the stuff since.

google mapped an address?
Yesterday, when I realized I hadn't Google mapped the way home from the wedding!

sang your favorite song?
In the car, on the way home today!

made a peace globe. (Please show us!)
It's on my to-do list once my life calms down, I promise!

Threw a baseball?
A few years ago at a Memorial Day picnic. Got hit with said baseball, and haven't thrown one since.

Fumbled with a button?
Tonight, as I put my PJs on.

answered the doorbell?
Last month, when the guys from Public Power came around trying to sell their wares.

Spilled your drink?
Last week, at work, spilled coffee all over my desk.

administered CPR?
Never, but I know how to do it. Unless you count my certification a year and a half ago, when I did CPR on a dummy.

looked in the mirror?
An hour ago, while I was washing my face.

testified in court?
Never, thankfully.

Made a sarcastic remark?
Moi, sarcastic?!?!

Offered someone advice?
Last week, when I told a friend of mine to get tea tree oil to get rid of zits. Works better than Clearasil!

Watched a sunrise or sunset?
Watched the sunset last night from my hotel room, as well as driving home tonight.

Were jealous?
I honestly don't remember...this is a big thing for me!
Smiled when you didn’t feel like smiling

Loved when you didn't feel like loving?
I don't think I've ever experienced this feeling. Or maybe I'm unwilling to disclose this information...Mimi, I didn't know you were such a psychologist!

Ironed an article of clothing?
This morning. Ironed the dress I wore to the wedding today.

noticed you didn't give a damn?
Last Thursday, I was at work and almost fell asleep at my desk. I had a lot to do, but I was like, "Forget this! I'm going home and taking a nap!"

had a mammogram?
Haven't had one yet! One more year before I'm eligible!

Read your horoscope?
Tonight, when I logged onto Yahoo Mail.

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to mope.

Held someone’s hand?
A month and a half ago. I was having a rough day and BFF just started holding my hand and squeezing it.

Crossed a bridge?
Tonight! I crossed the Braga Bridge on 195 West between Somerset and Fall River, Massachusetts.

threw away a candy wrapper?
This morning, I threw away a Hershey Kiss wrapper. My friend made a little goody bag for the wedding guests staying at the hotel.

Sat on a bench?
Yesterday, I sat on several benches in Boston--at the T stations, Boston Common, etc.

turned a page?
Yesterday afternoon, reading a book at the Trident Booksellers in Boston.

tripped over your own 2 feet?
Saturday, walking through Newport. Tripped over a step I didn't see.

Sat on a beach?
This past February, when I went to Magen's Bay on a cruise of the southern Caribbean.

dialed the wrong number?
Last night, when I called the banquet facility to find out what time the wedding was. I panicked because all of a sudden I was uncertain of the time!

Ignored a phone call?
I don't remember.

Kissed a bride?
Today, at my friend's wedding.

Original tweet: five days ago. Retweet: this morning.

Rode a roller coaster?
Fourteen years old, I think. I'm not so fond of roller coasters anymore.

you were really you?
Right now.

Cried yourself to sleep?
Last week, after a really frustrating day at work.

Were speechless?
Speechless? Moi? Hmmm...

rode a bus?
Yesterday...the T closed the track between two stations and we had to bus our way there.

went to a funeral?
Last October, for a friend and mentor of mine.

were right?
I got the answer to a trivia question correct on the Harvard tour yesterday...does that count?


were left?
Well, I do consider myself a liberal...

A few minutes ago, when I went to find out the name of the bridge I crossed today.

bent over?
A few hours ago, when I changed from heels into sneakers for the two+ hour drive home.

sent a text message?
A few hours ago, after Sister Kitten texted me to ask about the wedding.

Lit a candle?
I don't remember...winter, perhaps?

Lost your temper?
Last week at work, when I went into Freakout Mode.

fell off a horse?
Never happened...I haven't ridden a horse since I was a kid.

changed the oil in your car?
I personally have never done this, but my mechanic changed the oil in my old car back at the end of March. Haven't had an oil change done on 2.0 yet.

Added a new FACEBOOK friend?
A couple of weeks ago.

went bowling?
A year ago.

Laughed uncontrollably?
A month ago.

Felt guilty?
I was born and raised Catholic. I have what I call "Original Guilt". Original Sin goes away with baptism, but Original Guilt stays with you forever.

Looked up a word in the dictionary?
Friday afternoon, I looked up a word in the Spanish-English dictionary.

returned from the point of no return?
About two and a half years ago.

couldn't remember your name?
Hasn't happened yet.

surrendered to temptation?
Yesterday. Bought a hot dog from a street vendor.

felt genuinely happy?
Right now.

saw a famous person?
May 22, when I saw Carol Burnett at the Palace.

kissed in a car?
It was a looonnnnggg time ago, but it was wonderful...

Sent a greeting card?
Today. Gave a card to the bride and groom.

used your passport?
April, when Mama Cat and I went to Niagara Falls, Canada.

yelled at your television?
During the NHL playoffs last week.

confided a secret?
Can't tell ya. It's a secret!

changed your blog template?
When I got my header...I think it's been a year!

danced like no one was watching?
Today, at the reception.

wrote in cursive?
I always write in cursive.

took a driving test?
May 27, 1992...the day I got my license.

Backed up your computer files?
Last month, after I first got my external hard drive.

When was the last time you said this was the last time?
Last week, some time...


Finding Pam said...

activated something?
I don't remember; haven't used the old Wondertwin powers in awhile, sorry!

That answer was priceless!
Great answers.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good answers've done a lot!

Jamie said...

There are some great answers in there. Hope you enjoyed the wedding.

Mimi Lenox said...

I see you survived the longest meme in the history of memedom.

No dungeon for you.

Sounds like a lovely wedding. Glad you enjoyed it.