Thursday, May 27, 2010



I'm going to christen 2.0 (aka my new wheels) this weekend with a tres fab, good ol' fashioned, New England-highlighted ROAD TRIP!!!

It all started when I was invited to a wedding on Memorial Day. Yep, Monday proper. At first I wasn't terribly thrilled about spending my Monday off several hours away from home. I booked a hotel room for Sunday night, and the bride arranged for a late checkout so we didn't have to putz around town before the wedding.

I complained to my hairdresser about this the last time I got my hair cut, and she asked, "Why not make a weekend out of it?"

And that's what I'm doing.

Saturday I'm getting out of Dodge early and heading down to Newport, where I'll be spending the day. I booked a night at a little hostel down there. Sunday I'm driving up to Boston, and spending the day there before driving to Fall River, where I'll be spending Sunday night and then going to the wedding the next day. Monday's the wedding, I'm home Monday night, and I hope not to fall asleep at work on Tuesday.

Oh, and did I mention this is my SECOND road trip in as many months? Mama Cat and I drove to Niagara Falls, Canada in April. We had the BEST TIME. And we're already planning for next year.

I absolutely LOVE when the travel bug hits, don't you?

Will talk to you kittens next week, when I am back from my travels!

Ciao for now!


septembermom said...

I wish I was going! Have a fun, safe trip!!

Jenners said...

I love road trips! (Or I did until I had to take a kid with me on all of them!) Enjoy it and the time away ... plus it is chance for 2.0 to stretch her legs!