Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Review: Heidi's Inbox: Scandal in the City, by Holly Denham

Holly Denham, the befuddled London receptionist who gave us all a glimpse into her life--and her inbox--is back with a brand-new book full of more scrapes and hilarity.

Holly is still at the bank, and is doing very well for herself. She is successful in her job and is madly in love. And now she's up for a promotion. Things couldn't be better for Holly--and then scandal starts to edge its way back into her life.

Like it's predecessor, Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City is told entirely in E-mails, with the exception of one chapter, which consists of Holly's texts to her best friend, Jason. I really liked this format because you really got to see the entire contents of her inbox, which include E-mails from family and other businesses. The correspondence from members of Holly's family, in particular, shed some light on her quirky personality, from a meddling mother trying to get Holly to change her career, to a nutty grandmother who is trying to get Holly's mother to stop meddling in her affairs.

And then there are the E-mails from the "Unknown Angel," which pop up sporadically throughout the novel. This lends a little bit of mystery to the book. Just who is this person, and why is she sending Holly E-mails?

At over 500 pages, one may seem a little intimidated to start reading a book so big. But this book is written entirely in E-mails, and it goes by very quickly. I managed to finish it in two sittings. It's one of those novels where you stumble upon a plot element that may seem subtle, but turns out to be a plot changer in the end.

Oh, and that scandal that the book's title refers to? You're just going to have to read the book to find out what it is!


Anonymous said...

I saw this and the previous book on and wondered about it. Thanks for this review!

Anonymous said...

p.s. an award for you from my book blog!

Marie said...

I've seen this one around a lot lately- sounds cute :) Great review!

Jenners said...

I still haven't read the first book of this series. I want to though ... I love the idea of "snooping" in someone's email!

drollgirl said...

there is a 2nd book?! i had no idea! the first one was pretty good. i guess i will add this to my HUMONGOUS amazon wish list. 4 pages long and counting!