Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thursday Thunks: August 18, 2010

A. If you see a tornado out your window, what do you do?
I live in Connecticut. Tornadoes are, sadly, becoming a part of life here, even though they weren't very common before. If I saw one out my window, I'd probably enter into Freakout Mode and run around my house like a banshee, panicking because I was facing impending death.

B. A celebrity knocks on your door saying that their tour bus/limo/pedal bike broke down (you pick the transportation)... who is it and what do you do to help them?
It's Pee Wee Herman, and his bike got a flat. I'd help him out by fixing his tire and giving him a generous serving of ice cream soup.

C. Brett is back on the Vikings - do you really give a crap?
No, and I don't really give a crap about American football, either.

D. What side of the bed do you think Bud sleeps on?
He sleeps in the middle, so he can have a French Twin on either side of him.

E. Cookie Monster eats vegetables now. Is this ok with you?
No! He's the Cookie Monster! He can't eat veggies! Stupid political correctness...

F. All the TT's get together for coffee... which state do we meet in?
Well, this is a tough've got Seattle, Washington, home of Starbucks, Seattle's Best, and cool music...but you could also go to Hawaii, where the Kona coffee is incredibly tasty...oh, hell, Hawaii! It's warm, there's fabulous beaches, and lots of eye candy.

G. Is the town you live in famous for anything? Infamous for anything?
My city is famous for being the home of Wesleyan University. It's infamous for a big explosion at a clean-energy power plant earlier this year.

H. Coffee flavored bubble gum - would you?
Hells, no! Why should I get coffee flavored bubble gum? I can't even get coffee flavored coffee! (Warning: lots of foul language in the video below):

I. So Kimber lost her fight with a granite table.... what did you ever lose a fight with?
An Exacto knife. Long story short, I ended up losing a lot of blood, had a thick skin flap on my thumb, some stitches, and a lot of scar tissue and numbness.

J. Have you ever slept beneath the stars?
I've been camping before, so yeah.

K. School is starting up soon, or has for some, did you get a new pair of tennis shoes every year while you were in school?
I got a new pair of loafers, or any type of leather shoes. I went to Catholic school, so I had to comply with the dress code.

L. What two flavors do you love that you would never want to taste at the same time?
Chocolate and garlic. Love them both, but sometimes two great tastes DON'T taste great together.

M. If you could shave a quote into a lions fur, what would it say?
You think it's easy to get near a lion who would let you do this? But if I were able to do so, I'd shave the MGM logo into its fur. Kinda like an ironic lion tattoo.

N. Did you ever accidentally walk in on your parents doing the nasty? Did you ever purposely walk in on them?
No to both questions...hell, no one should ever even think about this possibility...gross!


Suzanne said...

Indeed, garlic and chocolate sounds good but together? Yuck. LOL! Happy Thursday!

Bee and Rose said...

What a great post! I love all of your responses! You are hilarious!

Ace said...

Great answers! Loved the Pee Wee video.

I am Harriet said...

I loved Pee Wee's big adventure!

Have a great Thursday!

Debster said...

OMG! I said the same thing about Bud. Great minds thunk alike!

Happy Thunking Thursday!


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You are into the swing of things today! Loved "the middle" response. Although, at 258, I need a clear exit to the bathroom. :) Hawaii is the perfect place!

Tarunita said...

Enjoyed reading your answers.
I didn't get time to write my answers today but I wrote something for Sleep is for the Weak Writing Workshop.
Hope you like it.

Ozzy's Mom said...

same answer on the coffee thing :)) i just needed an excuse to go to hawaii ^-^

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

Oooo, chocolate and garlic - uck!