Monday, August 16, 2010

Life-changers diary, day 2

OK, if you were around yesterday, you've already read my post called "Kitten's life-changers." And if you haven't, do so! Yesterday I made a list of changes that I wanted to make personally in my life, and came up with one rawther ginormous list. So rather than tackle some really big things all at once, I decided to break them up into little tasks. For example, here was my list for today:

Home maintenance:
1. Fold and put away clothes in dryer
2. Pick up items from living room floor
3. Clean litter boxes
4. Take out trash and recycling
5. Sort and wash darks

I managed to do four out of five of these things. There are still some items on the living room floor that have not been picked up, and probably won't be until tomorrow. And I'm okay with that.

In the health category:
1. Brush teeth before bed
2. Wash face before bed
3. Eat an apple
4. Make a salad for the week
5. Eat at least two veggies, including one with dinner

Okay, a few words about this one...I'm a little embarrassed to admit these things, but I need to hold myself accountable, and what better way to do this than to broadcast these things to the entire blogosphere. I have very poor eating habits, and while I have good hygiene in the morning, I don't always follow through at night. Which is gross and disgusting. Lately I've felt much worse waking up in the morning if I don't take care of myself at night.

With respect to today's health goals, I've already brushed and washed, and had my apple. I didn't have dinner tonight because I was still full from the Chinese food leftovers I had earlier in the day. But I did manage to have some celery stalks dipped in tomato-basil hummus. And I haven't made my salad yet because I need to clean my kitchen (!) Cleaning my kitchen will be my home maintenance goal for tomorrow.

At first, I grumbled and complained about giving myself points for these somewhat mundane tasks. But as I checked them off my list, and as I kept finishing my tasks, I felt pretty good! I didn't accomplish everything on my to-do list, but I managed to get most done!

I will update you all tomorrow with my goals!


Mammatalk said...

I'm a list maker, too!

drollgirl said...

i love making lists! and it is so satisfying to check things off as soon as they are complete!

p.s. i need to eat more veggies too! it takes a concentrated effort, for sure!

Jenners said...

It may seem silly to track this stuff but it is what will make the difference!! Good for you! Keep on going!