Sunday, August 29, 2010

Live blogging the Emmys: Red Carpet Pre-Show

This is my first attempt at live blogging; please forgive me if it isn't perfect.

We'll start off with the red carpet preview on E!

6:04: They're bedazzling E! mics now?

6:05: Seacrest's shmoozing with Jimmy Fallon right now. Fallon's hosting tonight. I love the guy, and I love his show, but his monologues are weak. I hope this show isn't one long monologue--and he's not gonna have The Roots to help him. God, his wife is gorgeous.

(Now, kittens, I don't honestly know how long I'll be able to stay up tonight, since I have to return to work tomorrow. I'm hoping to stay up long enough to see who wins the Variety Show category--Conan, Conan, Conan!!!)

6:08: They've actually gone to commercial!! And then they're interviewing the Jersey Shore crew--sans Angelina--after the break. I think I'll change the channel.

6:09: It seems like there are a lot of commercials--even though they've only been airing for two minutes now. I'm reminded of why I no longer watch live TV. DVR FTW!

6:11: Commercials are over. Gratuitous shot of the Goodyear blimp, followed by cheesy promo for the "glam cam", or whatever those new cheesy photo booths are that all the entertainment shows have now. This looks worse than being photographed constantly at a wedding.

6:13: They're already analyzing Emmy fashions. Oh Lord. :P

6:15: There's the Jersey Shore crew. Questions are asinine. And the answers are even worse. Are these people capable of answering with more than one word? Channel changed.

6:17: Caught the tale end of a Conan/Leno/Letterman story on my NBC affiliate. Changing channel back, since they're going to commercial.

6:18: Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt on E! Jon Hamm looks hoooooooottttttttttt. LURVE the grey tux!!

Speaking of looking good, Kelly Osbourne looks AMAZING!!! I've always loved her. She and Sharon are my favorite Osbournes.

6:26: Giuliana Rancic's interviewing Kevin McHale. He is adorable! He and Chris Colfer are my favorite cast members from Glee. Admitting to having a crush on Sally Field--to Sally Field?!?! Adorable!

OT: Really hoping Chris Colfer wins tonight. He is awesome as Kurt. And by the way, what's with the colored bow ties on a lot of the tuxedos tonight?

6:28: Now we've got an autograph cam? HURL.

Okay, I've decided to end this particular post at 7:00 so I can get ready for bed. That, and the pre-show's veeerrrrryyyyyyyy boring. Will write about the ceremony itself in another post.

6:31: Kathy Griffin and her mom, Maggie, are talking to Seacrest. Loved Maggie's response to the "Who are you wearing?" question: "A J.C. Peigné." (That's a Frenchified version of JC Penney for those of you kittens who don't know French).

6:36: Kim Kardashian meets Lea Michele for the first time. They're acting like two high school best friends gossiping in the bathroom. Seacrest's trying his best to stop the interview, but they wanna keep going.

6:39: Totally didn't recognize Claire Danes. I really hope she wins tonight. If you haven't seen her performance in Temple Grandin, you should.

6:40: ACK! I see Conan in the background! Or at least I think looks like he shave off his beard. Was never a fan of the beard.

6:41: Eva Longoria Parker, like a lot of the women here tonight, is wearing a strapless black dress.

OT: Since when have I become so shallow that I actually give a damn about what these women are wearing?

How many of you kittens have watched
Modern Family? What is the show about? The only shows I really watched this past season were Glee, 30 Rock, Conan, and 60 Minutes.

6:47: OK, so that wasn't Jon Hamm in the grey tux earlier. Who the hell was it? He still looks hot. Gonna have to rewind the DVR later. (Oops, can't...that's when I changed the channel).

6:49: Ricky Gervais has lost a lot of weight. He looks really good. Almost unrecognizable--at least till he opens his mouth. There's no mistaking that accent!

OK, I'm gonna quit live blogging for now. If any of you kittens can figure out who that mystery man in the grey tux was, please let me know! I can't find anything online!

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blueviolet said...

I noticed a TON of strapless dresses all night long. I guess that was the style of the evening.