Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas spirit?!?! What Christmas spirit?!?!

I can't ever remember being so not into the Christmas spirit. I just finished addressing my Christmas cards, and I felt like it was more of a chore this year than a joy.

And I haven't even written out the damn cards yet.

This year, I dreaded everything about the holiday--decorating the tree, baking, caroling--all things that always make me happy.

But this year, it's different.

I know I'm not alone. The whole world's going to pot and no one's feeling cheerful right now. Many of my friends are in the same situation, but they also have some pretty serious problems going on in their lives (and I'm saying this rather lightly. This blog, however, is not the place for me to broadcast my friends' lives; I need to respect their privacy).

It also doesn't help that this year, many of the holiday traditions that I hold so near and dear have not materialized.

Number one, a bunch of us always gets together and sees the Boston Pops when they come to Bridgeport. No matter how poor we were in any given year, we always managed to find the funds for Pops tickets. It was the concert that not only put us in the holiday mood, but put us in over the top holiday mood.

We didn't go this year. Several of my friends had to sing in a concert scheduled for that same night--the Messiah. I've seen the Messiah several times and, to be quite honest, am bored with it every single time I see it, save for the "Hallelujah Chorus."

I felt obligated this year, however, to go see it, so I could be in the holiday spirit and spend some time with my friends post-concert.

Didn't happen, though.

Not at $50 a ticket.

I'll pay $50 for Keith Lockhart and his crew, but not to fall asleep during another round of the Messiah.

Plus, my friends had to dash immediately back home post-concert.

Then, just yesterday, our office holiday party, scheduled for today, was canceled due to the snow. The organizers tried to reschedule it, but the venue didn't have any other dates available to us.

Finally, and this is the straw that could potentially break the camel's back, our Revels/Solstice service at church might be canceled because we're expecting another big snowstorm on Sunday. With this cancellation, our Mummers play, which is the highlight of the service, will be canceled, too.

Can you see why I'm feeling down and out, Kittens?

I hope that the New Year's Eve celebration at my best friend's place is a lot better. It's always a good time, though.

Let's all hope that 2009 is a better year than 2008 was.

And that includes next Christmas.

But until's time for me to make out those damn Christmas cards.

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