Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas wrapping

Every holiday season, there is always one chore that I postpone until the very last possible minute.

Wrapping presents.

I hate it.

As much as I would like to pay someone to wrap for me, I don't. I can't really justify the expense. Besides, there have been occasions where I have left the gift tag off, and let the wrapping speak for itself. People know when a gift is from me just by the wrapping.

There have been times where I've just done the tissue-paper-and-bag thing, but I even have enough trouble wrapping the damn tissue paper.

People still know the gift is from me in those cases.

I waste more wrapping paper and tape than anyone I know. I either cut too short of a piece, or I cut too much and have to trim it. Then I have ribbons of waste around my house. It's not fun at all.

And then there's the matter of the tape. I use entirely too much. I'm also like one of those commercials where the guy cuts off a tiny patch of paper to mask a missed spot.

I have a lot of those too, the missed spots.

It's never fun, no matter how much fun I try to make it.

So tomorrow morning, shortly before I leave for the Cat homestead, I'll be wrapping presents. Or rather, tangling myself in a mess or wasted gift wrap and scotch tape is more like it.


Anonymous said...

I am horrible at wrapping to begin with...and then I usually have a cat and two dogs trying to help. Yes, I've tried shutting them out of the room and you would think they were being tortured, so I let them in. The paper always has tears all over it! Oh well!

Kitten said...

Yaya, I am all too familiar with the pet-and-wrapping situation. Maggie likes to lay in the middle of the wrapping paper as I cut it, and Gabby likes to play with the paper as I'm wrapping. I guess gift wrapping is a lost cause for both of us!