Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keeping up appearances...

Sister Kitten is an infrequent visitor to this blog. She is a very busy woman, so I don't take it personally.

She visits so infrequently that she doesn't leave comments on the blog itself, but rather, via E-mail or my Facebook page. The last time she visited, she left me with this feedback:

"Your right sidebar's looking a little crowded."

Well, she was right. In fact, with so many reading challenges I've signed up for, and so many buttons I've collected (with more to collect, actually, since I'm getting to know more bloggers), I needed to expand. So I did a Google search, found some very easy instructions on adding another column to the Minima template, and voila. All I had to do was change my skin-care regimen to smooth out the wrinkles.

But I wanted more. Much more. In fact, in February, before I expanded to three columns, I had signed up for a cosmetic procedure:

I wasn't looking for a total face-lift, just something that would brighten things up a bit. A little Botox, shall we say, a little fraxel, some microdermabrasion. SITS featured the lovely Miss April Durham one day, and I liked her work so much I asked her for a consultation. And now, she is my surgeon.

I'm not the only one who admires her work. Her wait list is long, but based on the results I've seen so far, they are worth it. Imagine my happiness when I learned, this afternoon, that I had moved from first on the wait list to "In progress." Woo hoo! Surgery without the anesthesia! I can dig that!

So you will soon see a new look to The Bookkitten. I want to surprise you, though, and won't tell you what work I'm having done.

I shall link you all to April's blog, so you, too, can admire her handiwork. She's also hosting a boatload of giveaways this month, which is even more reason to check her out.

In fact, here's the giveaway button:

Oh, and here's one more link from Miss April: easy, easy, easy to follow directions on how to expand your template from two columns to three. You don't need to be a techno-geek to do this! Trust me! April has some illustrations to help you out!

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter and Passover, Kittens! I've got a couple of book reviews coming your way this week (in fact, I just posted my Three Cups of Tea review, in case you missed it), so stay tuned!


drollgirl said...

how exciting! i am petrified to change to three columns. you always fear you will lose everything and/or have some sort of disastrous result. can't wait to see yours, and i bet yours will be PERFECT!!!

Amber said...

Hooray, WTG.
Now, I'm positive since you figured out how to get three columns, I can figure out how to get three I go!

Vickie said...

You are getting a blog!

April is great. I used her for mine and my daughter's signature.

Can't wait to see the new look.

Jenners said...

I'm a do it yourselfer but I'm sure I'll be JEALOUS when it is all done!