Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Air Over There

It's no secret that Beijing has a tremendous problem with air pollution. All you have to do is look at aerial shots of the Bird Nest and see the thickness of the smog. I have trouble breathing just looking at the picture.

I got an especially good glimpse of it as I watched the men's cycling road race today. It's a wonder that no one collapsed from choking on the pollutants in the air.

I really wonder how the Chinese are able to breathe in this air every day of their lives, and there has been no real report on elevated cancer rates in their country.

So far, the air quality hasn't really affected athletic performance; several records were broken today in the Water Cube. (I LOVE the Water Cube! What a great design for a building! And the Bird Nest, too!) However, the Water Cube's an enclosed facility. It'll be interesting to see what goes on when the Track and Field events start next week.

Be sure to remember your running shoes, athletes...and your masks, too...

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