Friday, August 29, 2008

Veepwatch, GOP Style

This morning I woke up on the couch. I didn't realize I fell asleep on it last night when I got home from an Obama-acceptance speech-watching party with a group of friends. And worse, I left the TV on all night. Did not hear it all night. All I remember is intending to lie down for a while to watch the Travel Channel before I washed up and got ready for bed.

One of the cats woke me up at 7:30, and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I reached for the remote and did the morning show surf that marks many a summer morning for me. And on CNN: the red "Breaking News" banner:


Soon??!? Define soon for me, Kittens!

There was a group of three reporters analyzing the possible choices with John Roberts. Who was in the running? What were the pros and cons? There was some discussion that McCain would choose a woman as a running mate, possibly to recruit some of Hillary Clinton's supporters who were still up in the air about Obama. (However, after both Clintons' speeches last week, I certainly hope that Hillary's supporters will support the Democratic nominee).

I flipped over to Fox News. The three anchors of Fox and Friends were leaning over intently towards their satellite feed screen, smiling and wondering just who was the lucky man or woman to accompany John McCain to the Twin Cities.

And on the Big Three, CBS, NBC, and ABC...nothing.

There were fans screaming on NBC all right, but these were tweens screaming for the Pussycat Dolls and Jesse McCartney, not our elders screaming their hearts out for that hunky "white-haired dude" (thanks, Paris Hilton) running for president. CBS and ABC had commercials.

Yesterday I was talking with a friend at lunch, and we were both reminiscing about the days when the networks had wall-to-wall convention coverage, instead of the one-hour prime time slot, or what my friend calls "The Highlights Show". I have fond memories of watching CBS conventions with my parents. My father especially got into it, cheering whenever Walter Cronkite was on screen. (When I was a kid Uncle Walter still helped Dan Rather out with the convention coverage, much the same way that Tom Brokaw helps out Brian Williams).

Well, I've got the day off...maybe I'll go watch CNN now. The website's saying the Veep is Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Actually, only I know who the choice really is.


You've heard it here first. Now I gotta catch a plane to Ohio! See you at the debates!

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