Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Curse You, Time Warner!

Yeah, I know it's only Tuesday, and I don't subscribe to TV Guide, or look at the TV listings beyond the current night. But is it me, or is there a total lack of animated Thanksgiving specials now? Or rather, a total lack of Thanksgiving specials, period?

When I was a kid, the airwaves were full of Thanksgiving specials such as Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet, Daffy Duck's Thanks for Giving, and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Only A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving has been seen on TV in the past five years.

So why, oh why, have the Warner Bros. toons faded into obscurity? I have no idea. Does it have to do with rights? Does it have to do with Ted Turner? Does it have to do with the fading popularity of Bugs Bunny and company, who are little known to the current generation of kids?

I will admit that a lot of the humor in the Looney Tunes library is dated, but we can't let Bugs and company simply fade into obscurity! What will it take to bring back our friends?

At least we still have Christmas specials to look forward to...but alas, not from Warner Bros. studios...curse you, Time Warner!

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