Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Night Party Plans

Good evening, Kittens!

I can't believe that Election Day is here in just a matter of hours. I know that our nation has a long, dragged-out election process, but this one has felt waaaaaaaayyyyyy longer than usual. I am so anxious for tomorrow night! It is definitely going to be one verrrrrrrry long day.

So what are your plans for watching the returns tomorrow night? I'm not sure what mine are going to be. I have choir practice till 8:30, then I'm running home and I'm sitting on the couch and getting whatever alcohol I have in the house. Depending on how things are going, I may either have beer or wine. No champagne, though. I'm saving that for if Barack Obama wins.

And in spite of what the polls say, two people I spoke with today say that people would never admit in a poll that race plays a factor in their election decision. This makes me twice as nervous.

All I really care about, is waking up Wednesday morning, and knowing for sure that we have elected a president. I don't want any drag-ons like we've had for the last two elections.

But let me forewarn you, Kittens: Wednesday I'm either going to be in a really, really good mood, or a really, really bad mood.

Do you think Canada can handle the onslaught of all the Americans who could potentially cross its borders?

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