Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Am an Eighties Lady

Even though I have a special fondness for the 70s, please remember, I was only born in 1976! But remember, too, that my parents are both natives of the greater New York City metropolitan area, and even though I grew up in Connecticut, they still spiritually lived in Westchester and Elizabeth (where they were born and raised). So my bringing-up was filled with my parents' longing for New York news, New York TV, the Daily News, and the New York Post.

I was raised with 70s pop culture all around me. My 80s influences came from my peers at school.

I remember when there was a rivalry between Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, and how I thought Cyndi Lauper would trump Madonna easily in a cage match. I remember grooving to Bon Jovi and having such a crush on Jon. I remember watching Saturday mornings on ABC, and how Menudo would come on between airings of Schoolhouse Rock.

I remember watching the Smurfs, and having a collection of hundreds, literally, of the 3-inch figurines, which my sister and I kept in coffee cans. I remember wearing ruffled skirts and denim skirts with the leggings underneath. (They were still better looking then than when teenagers wear them now). I remember wearing neon jelly bracelets, at least ten at a time, and when there wasn't a meaning behind the color of each bracelet.

I remember playing clapping games on the playground and jumping rope with my friends. I remember wearing lip gloss lockets around my neck, and how my teachers used to yell at me for putting on lip gloss during class. I remember Tinkerbell cosmetics, and how we used to put it on our faces on the bus to school. I remember my pink Barbie makeup kit, and how much I loved that one, too.

I remember my Cabbage Patch Kids, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, and Care Bears dolls, and how today's versions can't even hold a candle to their counterparts of yesteryear.

I remember watching He-Man and She-Ra after school, which came on right after reruns of Tic Tac Dough, The Joker's Wild, and Press Your Luck.

I remember watching The Facts of Life, really identifying with Natalie Green and loathing Blair Warner.

I remember wanting to watch Fame, but was upset that I couldn't, because my mom thought the show was too old for me.

I remember defying my mother's orders, on many occasions, not to watch You Can't Do That on Television.

I remember wanting to be as confident as Punky Brewster.

I remember Friday nights being the night, when we could watch Full House and Webster.

I remember reading Sweet Valley High and The Babysitters Club books obsessively, and would count down the days until the new book in the series was available at Waldenbooks.

I remember my frustration at not being able to get my bangs three inches high, and how my mother would not let me crimp my hair.

I had Wonder Woman Underoos and wore them till they were barethread.

I remember when Deborah Gibson was known as "Debbie," and being a charter member of her fan club.

I remember my delight when I bought my first iPod, and how I could re-create all of my mixtapes with iTunes.

A large portion of my iPod consists of 70s singer songwriters and 80s tunes from my childhood, with some current tunes thrown in for good measure.

Which reminds me, I haven't posted a playlist in a while.

Excuse me while I pull up my iTunes...

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