Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unicyclists in the Parking Lot

It was a very good day indeed, a day filled with simple pleasures.

First, I only worked half a day. I left school shortly after 1:00. I got home shortly after 1:30. Bliss.

I got home, blogged a bit, spent some time on the computer, had lunch, had dinner, then went to the Y.

From the Y I went straight to my French Meetup group. Tonight it was at Whole Foods, instead of our usual location, so I got to take advantage of some yummy foods that I knew were good for me (in the sense that they didn't have additives). It was sooooooo good to speak French with some friends!

When we all left, around 9:30, two members of our group took their unicycles out of their cars and started to ride them around the parking lot.

Unicyclists in the Whole Foods parking lot.

A sweet way to end a sweet day.

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