Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Freakout Mode, Election Edition

I was keeping my cool all day about the returns...until now.

It is official--we here at The Bookkitten (that is, Maggie, Gabby, and I) are in total, uncontrolled, full-fledged, unequivocal, freakout mode.

And you know how I get in Freakout Mode.

Just found out Obama's projected to win Ohio. Okay, that's now 194 electoral votes. So let's do the math here, Kittens...

...Obama wins Florida, that's another 27...which puts us at 221...then he wins California, and that's another 55, so that makes 276...

Yep, it's a squeaker, but there's HOPE!!!!

I'm gonna be up awhile. I got my free Starbucks coffee after work, then picked up another free coffee at the Starbucks on my way to choir practice. Starbucks is the only coffee that keeps me awake.

But tonight, adrenaline is doing a damn good job, too.

I'll be back later. Sam Adams is paying a visit. Having a beer just seems really appropriate right now.

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