Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving According to Bob Edwards

Ah, Bob Edwards, how I miss you so. Morning Edition from NPR News is just not the same without you. Yes, I know it's been several years since your unfortunate departure, but I miss listening to your soothing baritone during my morning drive.

I especially miss your Fantasy Thanksgiving segments each year. Do you still do these on your satellite radio show? I am not one of the fortunate ones to receive XM-Sirius or whatever it is called. I loved how you invited all of those wonderful chefs to your door: Paul Prudhomme and his turducken, Julia Child (rest her soul) and her mashed potatoes, Wolfgang Puck and his smoked salmon appetizers, among others.

And how I especially miss Susan Stamberg crashing the whole affair with some of her mother in law's cranberry relish. (The recipe of which you can find here).

I enjoy listening to Steve Inskeep and Renee Montaigne, but they don't have your cheeky humor, your snarkiness, your dulcet baritone announcing, "This is Morning Edition from NPR News."

NPR was a fool to fire you, Bob.

In the meantime, I shall comfort myself by listening to the Morning Edition archives. I just listened to your Fantasy Thanksgiving from 2001, and now will proceed to 2002.

Maybe this time I'll finally have the guts to try some of that cranberry relish.

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