Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well, Kittens, another Halloween has come and gone, and let me say, this was probably my favorite Halloween in my adult life. I had been invited to three different parties, all where I could go in costume. Not only that, but there has been little turmoil in my personal life that would overshadow my enjoyment of the holiday.

I also had a kickin' costume--not too original, but I felt inspired, nonetheless. I went as the Statue of Liberty to all three parties, only I added an Obama t-shirt to the ensemble for the first party, and replaced it with an Obama/Biden button for the other two. I carried the tablet that Lady Liberty holds, but I changed the date to say "January XX, MMIX", as opposed to the July 4th date that's actually on the sculpture. I took a green flat bedsheet, wrapped it around my body, and held it in place with a few safety pins. And of course, no Statue of Liberty costume would be complete without the requisite foam crown from Ellis Island.

The first party was actually last week, at a nearby friend's house. There was lots of socializing, wine, and costuming going on. I left at 10:30, because I couldn't stay awake any longer. At the second party, last night, I was at a friend's house in Bridgeport. There was still lots of socializing, wine, and costuming, but there was also a lot of DANCING! I love, love, love to dance, but hate, hate, hate clubbing (too much noise for my taste), so any opportunity I get to dance up a storm in a friend's living room is welcomed greatly. I also saw quite a few friends whom I rarely get to spend time with, so this event was my favorite out of the three.

The second party also featured something called the "Jukebox from Hell." The party's host does some DJ duties on the side, so he took some requests from all of us guests. In addition to the requisite Halloween songs (think "Thriller" and "Monster Mash"), there was also a lot of really, really BAD music. Think Vanilla Ice, Don Johnson's "Heartbeat," Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time," and you get the idea. The Jukebox from Hell made it's debut at last year's festivities, and it appears to be becoming an annual tradition.

I left the shindig at 12:30 AM, and finally arrived home at 1:45, terrified that I'd fall asleep behind the wheel. I fell on the couch at 2 AM, and didn't wake up till 10. It took me the whole day to recover from this one. I didn't drink much--I only had two beers--but it was the crap I ate during the party, like your standard taco dip, chips, and all sorts of salty processed foods, that made the difference.

Tonight was the third party, a costume dance at my church. The dancing part was my favorite! I, however, got very uncomfortable on the dance floor in my Lady Liberty toga, so I unpinned the sheet early on and danced in my t-shirt and sweatpants. The crown, however, stayed on for most of the night.

And now, it is almost 12:45 AM. I need desperately to go to bed! I am exhausted. Thank God the clocks fall back an hour tonight. An hour extra of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's is all right by me!

But before I go, Kittens, let me ask you this: Is it me, or is Halloween much more fun now than when we were kids? I mean, I always had a blast trick or treating as a child, dressing up and going around the neighborhood, but wearing a costume is more fun now than when I was in elementary school. Is it because Halloween is that one precious day all year when we actually have a good reason to act like kids again?

There's your discuss! I'm going to bed!

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